“Since the...early 90s when Mark and Milly Houldsworth sat down to design this little camp, it's been much copied, but never equalled.  We wanted our camp to be effortlessly comfortable - a home from home, where you wanted for nothing. But it's never been about luxury for its own sake,” Nomad Tanzania.

Nnomad serengeti safari camp tanzania wildebeest migration main tent

Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp exceeds expectations year after year. As one of the first mobile safari camps in Tanzania, Nomad recognised the need to follow the migration every season in order to give guests the opportunity to view the migration as it happens. This forward-thinking approach to accommodation in the untamed wilderness has made Serengeti Safari Camp one of the region’s most popular Great Migration Serengeti accommodations.

Mobile flexibility means conservation is key

Mobile camping safaris are a solution to the unpredictability of the Great Migration. Since the wildebeest migration is based on changeable weather patterns and rainfall, the concept of a mobile camp was first introduced in order to offer the best game viewing no matter the season. By following the herds, Nomad has solved many of the challenges that the migration brings.

In addition to this, a mobile camp encourages low-impact tourism, by a required reliance on sustainable energy solutions (solar power as opposed to more environmentally damaging energy sources) and a pack-up-and-go approach that coincides with an eco-sensitive relationship with nature. This attitude to hospitality offers guests peace of mind  in that you are supporting a camp that values and celebrates the natural heritage and people of the Serengeti

Nomad Tanzania has been very successful in this approach and it has been achieved in part by experience and in-depth knowledge of the region. Professional guides and open dialogue and participation of local communities has coupled tourism excellence with an intimate understanding of both terrain and wildlife. The value of this cannot be stressed enough if we are to ensure a continued respect for the environment and its cherished wildlife.

Minimalism mirrored in design

Nomad serengeti safari camp tanzania wildebeest migration

The design of the camp has not needed to change much since it was first introduced. Excellent design that pairs comfort with timeless modernity has resulted in an intimate, self-contained Meru-style tents that are spacious and safe. Coupling the modern amenities one is accustomed to with elements of glamour, visitors can expect running water, a communal fireplace, a bar tent, ensuite bathrooms and even a library where you can educate yourself about the regional flora and fauna.

Says a recent guest from the United Kingdom of their stay at Serengeti Safari camp;  

“We stayed for four nights at the Serengeti Safari Camp in the middle of January (the quiet season). This was only one of our stops... but this was the best and most memorable. The team and the philosophy of the field manager meant that they always exceeded your expectations with the friendly, helpful and professional team. The accommodation was very luxurious, from the big comfortable beds to the bucket showers (better than most hotels).”

Abundant wildlife

Nomad serengeti safari camp tanzania wildebeest migration

One journeys to the Serengeti to witness the Great Migration but aside from an intimate experience of this at the camp, there is an abundance of resident wildlife to enjoy, no matter the season.

“Obviously, one goes to the Serengeti for the game. This is the second time I have visited...and it hasn’t disappointed. This year the migration was in full swing in the immediate area which was spectacular in itself, not to mention the huge amount of attendant predators. The area is famous for its cheetah, but I never seen so many different lion prides and male coalitions in such density. We were also lucky to have a super leopard sighting and many elephant sightings. The general game is amazingly abundant wherever you go,” said a very satisfied guest.

The mobile nature of the camp allows you to experience all that Tanzania has to offer, including buffalo, giraffe and hippo when the camp relocates near a river.

Guests can expect early morning and afternoon game drives headed by one of Nomad’s elite game rangers.

Safari tip

  • Bring ample memory cards to store your images, as well as spare batteries. The camp offers camera charging facilities both in the library and in the game vehicle.
  • Nomad Serengeti are our HerdTracker partners, giving us live updates on the Great Migration as it happens. Follow the feed for detailed information daily. 

Nomad serengeti safari camp review

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