Lake Manyara Green Camp

Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

Part of the Tanzania Safari & African Safari Collection

Lake Manyara Green Camp is located on the banks of the Endabash River in the South of the Lake Manyara National Park. It is at the bottom of a huge waterfall flowing off the Great Rift Wall.

Huge crystalline quarts rocks makes up the falls and an easy climb up these rocks give guests stunning views over the park down to the lake. During some times of the year pools in the rocks provide the perfect retrieve for a cool (safe) swim on hot African afternoons.

But, the most impressive feature of the Lake Manyara Green Camp is the animal life coming to drink. The Endabash River doesn’t flow for most of the year but for a small trickle down the rocks creating a pool at the base of the falls. For most of the year this is the only water for miles drawing animals from far.

Elephants are nightly visitors and guests can enjoy viewing these wonderful creatures while sitting next to a campfire on the sand on large pillows. Large buffalo herds are late night visitors as well as lions. During the day there is a constant stream of baboons and various antelope.

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