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Classic Botswana family safari

Connect as a family while tracking wildlife and incredible landscapes through some of the most remote stretches of Botswana.

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On the bank of the Boteti River is where your family safari adventure kicks off as you’re introduced to Botswana’s spectacular wilderness. Explore the surrounding area on game drives in the morning, afternoon and night, separated by cultural excursions, and water-based group activities.

Flying into a remote section of the Okavango Delta brings with it nature walks and tranquil explorations of the delta’s waterways in a mokoro. Moving from camp to camp, each new location brings fresh surrounds and the opportunities to learn about vegetation, different cultures, species of bird life, as well as fun facts about wildlife.

A visit to the Savute region of Botswana brings with it the chance to experience the Chobe River with water-based game viewing. It’s here that you can teach your children how to fish and watch as they reel in their very first catch.


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What to Expect on This Safari

This popular itinerary can be customised to match your budget and travel dates by adding/removing a few days or selecting different lodges



Zebra migration

You and your family will be met in Maun and transferred the short distance to Leroo La Tau where you will spend the evening in a thatched chalet on the banks of the Boteti River.

Once you’ve checked in and freshened up its time for you to meet your guide, who will be with you for the duration of your stay at the lodge. At this point he will explain the day-to-day activities on offer and match them with your interests as a family. The late afternoon brings the opportunity to go on your first game drive in the African wilderness.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included

Guests on Deck Enjoying the View at Leroo La Tau



Creatures and culture

With an early morning you will hop on a morning game drive that sets out to investigate what the wildlife have been up to during the night. There are also guided nature walks on offer, as well as boat activities, depending on the water levels of the Boteti River.

In the afternoon you will have the option of going on a cultural visit to the nearby Khumaga Village where the whole family can experience what the daily lives of the local African people are like. Your children will have the chance to interact with locals of their own age and get a feel for how different cultures can be.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included



Cruising the Okavango Delta

After filling up on breakfast and checking out of the lodge, you will be flown to Xugana Island Lodge which is situated within the Okavango Delta. Xugana (pronounced Koogana) is on a private concession within a spectacular section of the delta.

Once settled you’ll have time to do some exploring of your own around the camp, and will have the option of going on a guided nature walk, or on a drift through the waterways of the Okavango Delta in a dug-out canoe called a “mokoro”.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included

Xugana Island Lodge Exterior View, Okavango Delta, Botswana



Learning in nature

After a hearty breakfast you will have the opportunity to explore more of the Okavango Delta either from the comfort of a motorised boat, or poled through the tranquil waterways in a mokoro if you didn’t get to experience it yesterday.

In the afternoon, head down to the nearby bird hide with the kids and have a fun bird spotting competition – the first person to spot a Lilac-breasted Roller wins.  Late afternoon is also a great time of day to try your hand at fishing for bream or tiger fish. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to fish and the principle behind catch-and-release style fishing.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included



Lagoons and islands

From Xugana Camp you will head to Xakanaxa Camp. As your accommodation for the next two nights this is the spot where you will get some great game-viewing done as it overlooks a thriving stretch of lagoons and islands.

As a family, spend the afternoon exploring channels of the Okavango Delta and Xakanaxa Lagoon in a motorboat.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included

Xakanaxa Camp Plunge Pool in Okavango Delta, Botswana



Tracking wildlife

If your kids are up for another morning game drive, then that is how your morning will be spent. You’ll be tracking big game in an open 4x4 vehicle, and the wildlife you miss in the morning, you can always try and spot later in the afternoon.

The afternoon will be spent on a short water-based safari that is exclusive to Xakanaxa Camp. The trip through the delta’s nearby channels combines the use of both a mokoro and motorised boat to sufficiently explore the labyrinth of unspoiled wilderness. Keep your eyes peeled for well-camouflaged wildlife and bird life.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included



The Savute Channel

The Savute Safari Lodge in the Savute Channel (known as the “stolen river”) is where you will spend the next couple of days. The Savute is known for its elephant bull population, as well as for the predators that have adapted their hunting skills to deal with the surrounding vegetation, climate and prey.

Once checked in and settled, the morning is yours to enjoy at leisure. In the afternoon you will be heading out on a wildlife spotting game drive in the surrounding wilderness.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included

Elephant playing the river in front of Savute Safari Lodge, Botswana



Gubatsa Hills

Today you will travel to a small hill surrounded by flat landscape. What makes this hill so special is that it’s here at Gubatsa Hills that ancient rock art, etched by San bushmen, still exists.

After the morning’s dose of culture and history it’s time for one last game drive within Savute before heading off to Chobe tomorrow.


Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included



Chobe River

With only two more days left in Botswana, the family adventure moves on to Chobe Savanna Lodge which is perched on the northern banks of the Chobe River. Chobe is known for its outstanding safari territory with an abundance of wildlife and thriving vegetation.

In this area the Chobe River separates Botswana and Namibia, so be sure you have the correct visas with you, because the lodge is on the Namibian side.

The afternoon can be spent relaxing, soaking up the surrounding views, or can be spent testing out those catch-and-release skills learned in the Okavango Delta.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included

Watching the sunset at Chobe Savanna Lodge, Namibia



Water-based exploring

Seeing as the lodge is a water-based camp, there are a number of water-based activities that the family can take part in, and as it is your last full day in the delta, we recommend you do as much of them as possible.

In the afternoon the family can enjoy a safari cruise along the Chobe River where the game viewing is phenomenal. The sunset is always incredible and is a scene you won’t want to miss an opportunity to take a photo of.

Meals: All meals and selected activities

Transport: Included



End of the journey

After breakfast you will be transferred to Kasane Airport where you will bid your African family adventure goodbye and catch a flight to your next destination.

Safari Map

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