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Kenyan Beach Holidays

Kenya offers so much for the discerning traveller looking for a beach holiday with a difference. Whether you’re looking for an intimate beach safari, or a solitary spot to enjoy a beach holiday with your loved ones, Kenya’s beaches are unforgettable.

Try Kenya for a beach holiday and experience an African destination that offers something for everyone.

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What You Need To Know

Diani Beach

An award-winning beach, voted as one of Africa’s top 25 beaches and one of the best in the world. The weather in Diani is also favourable year-round.

Nyali Beach

One of the top destinations in Mombasa that’s dotted with a number of luxurious resorts.

Watamu Beach

A popular destination in Kilif and is also rated as one of Africa’s top 25 beaches which is also accessible from Malindi. It’s also renowned for great deep-sea fishing.

Malindi Beach

A two-hour’ drive from Mombasa and is rich in history. It’s a haven for sky surfers and offer exciting glass-bottomed boat rides in the marine park

Kenya has two major international airports, namely Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and Moi International Airport in the port city of Mombasa.

When it comes to the staple food, every household in Kenya eats ugali – this is maize meal cooked in boiling water and usually served with vegetables and meat.

Kenyans are multilingual with Swahili and English being their official languages.

A visa is needed for traveling to Kenya, although one can acquire a visa on arrival at the airport or at the Kenyan embassy.

Kenyans are a very hospitable people and probably some of the most welcoming in Africa.

The Kenyan coast has some of the most pristine beaches and resort towns. Apart from enjoying the sun and sand, you can also indulge in snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring the mangrove forests, big game fishing and exploring the beautiful coral reefs. You can also expect to find top class accommodation which suits your tastes and preference, from a secluded guest house on the shore, five-star hotels, to deluxe lodges with every kind of comfort you can think of.

Travel documents: visas, passports, tickets, travel insurance.

Bikinis, bathing suits, speedos, swimming trunks.

Sun hat


Sun glasses

Sun screen

Beach dresses and shorts.

Camera or a camcorder.

The Kenyan coast experiences the same climate as other parts of Kenya with the exception of being more humid. The region has two prominent wet seasons as well as a single dry season. The long rains are experienced from March to May with frequent afternoon thundershowers. This is followed by the long, dry season from July through to October. The short rainy season generally occurs from November to the end of December.

Daytime temperatures at the Kenyan coast vary slightly throughout the year and range from highs of 32 degrees celsius to lows of 27 degrees celsius. Nighttime temperatures vary between 22-25 degree celsius.

​A beach holiday with the chance to combine it with a safari if time allows.

Watamu: located about 15 km from Malindi, this small coastal town has great natural beauty and offers breathtaking and scenic coastal vistas. Some of the highest level luxury accommodations in Watamu include Hemingways Hotel and Medina palms.

Diani: this beautiful beach has for many years been voted the most beautiful in Africa due to its crystalline sands. A coral reef is in close proximity where you can engage in snorkeling and observe beautiful marine life. Some of the highest level luxury accommodations in Diani include Almanara, Asha Cottage, Kinondo Kwetu, Pinewood Village and Waterlovers hotel.

Shela: this small island is located on the north coast in the Lamu archipelago which is known for its vibrant cultural festivals, pristine beaches, great weather and enchanting waterfront. Shela Island is home to the most beautiful beaches on the Lamu archipelago. Some of the highest level luxury accommodations in the Lamu archipelago include: Manda Bay, Kizingo beach houses, and Baytil Ajaib.

Nyali: located on the south coast just close to the port city of Mombasa, Nyali is a location that offers lots of fun and adventure for tourists. The amazing sea views and unspoiled coastline guarantees you a great beach holiday for those who opt to do picnics or even exploring the area on foot.

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