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Breath in the aromas of the bush and feel the breeze in your hair during an adventure on horseback

Horseback safaris are one of the best ways to get close to the bush without being on foot. The freedom of riding a horse across the plains is absolutely exhilarating. 

While the more adventurous can enjoy several days of safari on horseback, those that are strapped for time can take a quick, half day ride in the vicinity of the camp or lodge. Because horses aren't seen as a threat, antelope and even animals, like lion and elephant, get much closer than they would to a group during a safari on foot. 

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12 days

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£ 3,228

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Spectacular July to September Wildebeest River Crossings (10 days)

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£ 9,555

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per person

10 days

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Horseback safaris are entirely safe. They take place in a completely controlled environment and the guides are knowledgeable and well-informed about the area. 

There are big differences between horse riding as a morning or afternoon activity, and a multi-day ride where travellers spend nights in fly-camps, or simply under the stars beside a campfire. The multi-day horseback safari requires riding skills, but more importantly, the physical stamina to ride for six to eight hours a day. Guests must be very comfortable on horseback and be able to handle their horses. 

The shorter half day riding requires less skill and this happens at a slower pace. The horses or ponies are carefully paired with each rider and novices are well looked-after.

To get the perfect horseback safari, it's very important to book the right accommodation. Different lodges operate in vastly different areas. Choose between and area like the Okavango Delta, the Masai Mara, Serengeti or even the Kenyan highlands. 

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