Lodges in Tanzania

The lodges in Tanzania, even the most opulent and luxurious, are fairly low key when it comes to rules and regulations, but it is definitely worth remembering the following do’s and don’ts:

Kia Lodge in Tanzania

  • Do exercise good safari etiquette; being polite and courteous costs you nothing.

  • Do keep the volume down and any unnecessary noise to a minimum.

  • Do make use of the night guard to escort you safely between the main lodge and your room/tent after dark.

  • Do try to wear neutral coloured clothing when on safari.

  • Do pack light because charter flights usually have a strict 15kg luggage allowance.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

  • Do learn some Swahili greetings and phrases; Tanzanians will appreciate your effort.

  • Do tread lightly and safari responsibly, taking only photos and memories with you.

  • Do tip your guides and always reward great service.

  • Don’t get out of your vehicle without your guide first checking the area and giving the OK

  • Don’t cut or remove anything from the reserve; this includes picking flowers.

  • Don’t sit on your phone and social media instead of living in the moment.

  • Don’t choose an inexperienced and unknown safari operator just to try and save a few bucks; you will undoubtedly end up paying for the decision.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, interior view

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