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What to pack for a safari in Kenya

 Devryn Panaino

Author: Devryn Panaino - 30 January 2024

Last Update: 6 August 2021

Part of the African Safari Kenya & Kenya Tours & African Safari Collection

Kenya provides a diverse range of experiences, from wildlife-rich savannas to isolated cultural encounters and vibrant cities. However, the diversity of offers is precisely why, unless you plan beforehand, a vacation to Kenya may be a logistical nightmare.

If you’re planning a vacation to Kenya soon, keep reading to learn about the five essential items that every visitor should bring for their safari in Kenya.

What Clothes to Wear and Pack on a Kenya Safari: 

The khaki-on-brown-on-tan look is not just for aesthetics on a Kenya Safari. There are a few solid reasons to blend in while on safari.

First and foremost, you want to get the most out of your animal sightings. Colours like white and red may frighten some animals and cause them to flee. 

Second, it will keep you from being eaten alive. Tsetse flies are attracted to blue and black in southern Kenya’s Masai Mara, and they’ll gladly attack you if you’re exposing skin or wearing the wrong colours.

Kenya landscape on safari walk

To protect yourself from the sun, wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts and long pants, as well as a hat and sunglasses on your Kenya Safari.

Bring strong hiking shoes if you’re going on a walking safari: flip-flops or light tennis shoes won’t protect you against uneven terrain, thorny acacia trees, or the occasional snake.

What Insect Repellent to Pack for a Kenya Safari: 

Some of the lodges and camps provide insect repellent but we still encourage you to pack your own preferred insect repellent brand.

Repellents containing Deet are said to be more effective against most insects and bugs on a Kenya Safari.

Elephant spotting on a Kenya safari at Ol Donyo Lodge

All-natural citronella repellent can also get the job done if you are concerned about the deet effects.

What Technology to Pack on a Kenya Safari:

For added security, we recommend putting cameras and photography equipment in your carry-on luggage rather than checking them in.

East Africa offers incredible photo opportunities, so bring a good camera with you to make the most of your Kenya vacation.

Binoculars are extremely handy, and while some Safari operators give a pair in their cars, these may be of inferior quality, so if you can bring your own, do so.

A couple on a sunrise safari with binoculars.

Spare AA and AAA batteries, including normal and rechargeable batteries, are also available for purchase at some Masai Mara lodges.

Bring a pair of Travel socket adaptors for electrical sockets. We utilize the associated plug type G in Kenya, which is characterized by three rectangular pins arranged in a triangular arrangement.

Kenya uses a 240V supply voltage and a 50Hz frequency.

What Medication Should you Pack for your Kenya Safari:

Remember that when on safari in Kenya, you will be in the “bush,” and the next town or city may be hours away.

Make careful to bring your most important personal prescriptions, particularly any brands or medications that may not be available in Kenya.

Pharmacies in Nairobi stock a large range of pharmaceuticals, so basic needs like pain treatment, anti-malaria tablets, antacids, and the like can be met once in Nairobi.

Lentorre Lodge with Kenya lanscapes
Lentorre Lodge with Kenya landscapes

If you’re bringing medication into Kenya, remember to pack any prescriptions you might need in case you’re asked to present them at the airport.

What Extra Items Should you Pack on your Kenya:

Personal toiletries (such as travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, moisturizer, hairbrush, toothpaste, and toothbrush), sanitary products for women, wet wipes and hand sanitisers, small sewing kit, small scissors, and pocket knife (not in carry on bag), alarm clock, money pouch or money belt, reading materials, pen and a notebook should not be forgotten when packing for your Kenya Safari.

Now that you have reached the end of your packing list, it’s time to start your dream Kenya Safari in Africa.

Make sure you ask one of the trusted travel consultants at Discover Africa Safaris for any other Safari questions you may have.

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