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WATCH: Zambia vs Botswana

discoverafrica 13 September 2018
Discover Africa Safaris

Should you go to Zambia or Botswana? The choice depends entirely on the type of holiday you prefer. Both countries are extremely safe and have excellent wildlife and national parks, but each is suited to a slightly different type of traveller.

Which premium destination would you choose? Take a look:




  • All of the Big Five although rhino concentrated in North Luangwa
  • Game-viewing is great all year round although Luangwa is closed between May and November
  • All of the Big Five as well as many endangered species like the African wild dog, red lechwe and Slaty egret (bird)
  • Zebra migration is a wildlife highlight
  • Excellent, especially in the Luangwa Valley
  • Victoria Falls is always a fantastic photographic subject
  • Botswana’s pristine, well-maintained national parks and reserves are brilliant for photography.
Type of traveller
  • Active travellers who enjoy walking safaris
  • Honeymooners
  • Adventurous travellers will enjoy Lower Zambezi and Victoria Falls
  • Photographers and filmmakers
  • Wildlife-based travellers
  • Photographers
  • Family travel
  • Group travellers
  • Active travellers
  • Premium, exclusive accommodation with warm and friendly people
  • Accommodation is often much less expensive than similar styled lodges in other countries
  • Guides are fantastic and highly skilled
  • Premium, high-end accommodation is readily available
  • Mobile camping is popular
  • Expect superb service and knowledgeable guides and trackers
  • The official language of Zambia is English but there are a multitude of dialects and ethnic languages spoken
  • Stable economy and political culture
  • Almost everyone speaks English
  • Stable political history and economy
  • Walking safaris
  • Land and water-based game-viewing, with canoeing a popular activity
  • Birding
  • Adventure holidays
  • Relaxing holidays on Lake Kariba
  • Water and land-based game viewing
  • Fishing on the Zambezi and Chobe rivers
  • Horseback safaris in the Makgadigadi National Park and Selinda Game Reserve
  • ‘Glamping’ and mobile camping
  • Walking safaris
  • Photographic safaris
Best time to travel
  • June to November for game-viewing
  • November to April for birding
  • May to September for walking safaris
  • June to October is the best time for game-viewing
  • November to April (green season) is best for visits to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve
  • Fly-in safaris are most popular due to the poor road conditions and weather-related difficulties during the rainy season
  • Fly-in transfers are popular due to the vast expanses of wilderness
  • Self-drive in Botswana is more popular than in Zambia
Malaria risk
  • High risk
  • Medium to high risk of malaria in most parts of the country

Take your pick: 


If you're having trouble deciding, contact us for a combination safari to Botswana and Zambia that we'll create for you based on your budget. 

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