Epic Botswana Adventure (9 days)


Safari: Botswana, Okavango Delta

Epic Botswana Adventure (9 days)

A tour de force of the Chobe, Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Pans in only nine days

This epic bush safari follows the magnificent Chobe River as it snakes its way through Botswana where you will detour to observe the incredible Okavango Delta and end at the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi National Park.

Your adventure begins at the Chobe River, the jewel that flows through Botswana, Nambia and eventually greets the Zambezi in the east. Home to the greatest concentration of wildlife in the world, it's easy to see why. The crisp, flowing waters are teeming with fish that feed crocodiles, birds of prey and draw game from miles around. This congregation in turn attracts the attention of Africa's top predators, among them the lion, leopard and cheetah and the massive African elephant, there to assert her dominance as the largest land mammal of them all. The Chobe draws a whole ecosystem to it's banks and you will be the spectator. 

Mid-safari you will meet the mighty Okavango Delta, one of the most surprising natural phenomena in Africa. Once an ancient lake, the earth's gradual tectonic shift has transformed the Okavango Delta into a depressed trough in the northern part of Botswana that collects almost 12 cubic kilometers of rain water each season, a blessing to the numerous wildilfe that rely on these annual waters as they migrate in search of new grazing lands and a fresh water supply. No where else in the world will you see such a large body of water with no source. The marshy Okavango homes hippopotamus, elephant, the crocodile and more birdlife than you could ever hope to photograph. 

The surrounding landscape of the Okavango is brush savannah, sneaky waterways and green forest. This is where you will be introduced to the pristine Moremi Game Reserve, where variety means plenty. At Moremi you will have the chance to see the rare Sitatunga and Lechwe antelope. Buffalo, zebra and wildebeest glide nervously through the reserve, always on the look out for the top predator lurking in the shade. Such a diverse part of the world wouldn't be complete without the Wild Dog; one of Africa's most threatened species. The Moremi has made it their mission to preserve this precious pack animal.

Continue south east and you will come to a surreal landscape of dusty, white-baked salt pans of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. Remember the Okavango Delta's former glory as part of an ancient lake? The Makgadikgadi salt pans are also relics of a landscape that has been transformed by the earth's relentless passage through time. The Makgadigadi also fill with water during the wet season, drawing migratory birds such as the Great White pelican to this temporary oasis. While the salt pans might seem stark or even brittle during the peak of the dry season, wildlife can still be found steaking their place in this wonderfully abundant country. 

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What to Expect on This Safari

This popular itinerary can be customised to match your budget and travel dates by adding/removing a few days or selecting different lodges


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Chobe River Front

After your arrival at Kasane Airport, you will be whisked away by vehicle to the Chobe Game Lodge, an oppulent riverside camp where you will be able to cool down in the pool and enjoy a relaxing evening on your private balcony observing the grandeur of the bush and African plains. 

The rest of your stay at Chobe Game Lodge will be adventure-packed. Get to know Botswana intimately on two daily game activitites led by knowledgable, local guides who have been tracking animals in the bush for longer than they can remember. Enjoy a sunset cruise on the river as the day cools down and the animals gather to chase down their last sip of water before the nocturnal predators awake from their daytime slumber. Spot birds in the lush foliage and witness for yourself the sheer size and power of the African elephant. 

Expect five-star service and amenities at Chobe River Lodge. After your stay you'll be transported back to Kansane airport and flown to your next destination.

Meals: All meals and drinks (local brands) included 

Transport: Included


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Okavango Delta

You will arrive at your next destination by a short flight from Kansane.

Situated on the remote Nxaragha Island in the Delta, this hidden treasure assures its guests of an unparalleled year-round water wilderness experience. Your lodging, Camp Okavango is a premium establishment set high up amongst the lush foliage of the landscape. Wooden walkways and elevated en-suite rooms give you a view from a unique vantage point. 

Your time in Camp Okavango will be spent exploring the Delta from a motorboat as your guide navigates the way through thick reeds and marshlands. Keep your eyes peeled for all manner of aquatic and semi-aquatic wildlife as well as rare bird species. When you're in the mood for a more relaxing activity, an experienced local will take you on a moroko; a traditional dug out canoe. This is the best way to experience the Delta. 

Your trip will include game drives along the banks of the Okavango where you will be able to spot the wildlife you learned about at Camp Okavango's library. 

Meals: All meals and drinks (local brands) included 

Transport: Included


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Moremi Game Reserve

Arrive at Camp Xakanaxa at the lushious Moremi Game Reserve, a modern take on safari camping. Your luxury tent will be on the fringe of the Xakanaxa Lagoon, nestled on the banks of the Khwai River. This is your opportunity to experience 'glamping' at it's best. Your spacious tent will have all the facilities you need with a private balcony and lounger on which to relax and enjoy a true African sunset. 

Spend your days on safari in the bush and on the lagoon in a powerboat. Cool off after a long day of activities at Camp Xakanaxa by taking a dip in the plunge pool and lounging on the daybed while you reflect on your amazing time camping in this dense and magical corner of Botswana. 

Pack your bags and prepare for a short trip to your next location at the Makgadikgadi National Park. 

Meals: All meals and drinks (local brands) included 

Transport: Included


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Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

The Makgadikgadi National Park hosts your next premium lodging, Camp Leroo La Tau; a hidden gem in Botswana.

The arid plains and dry salt pans contrast strikingly with the Boteti River. You will experience a wrap-around chalet with 270 degree panoramic view of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. Enjoy sunset dinners around a warm fire in the evenings while you swap stories with each other about your activity-filled day. 

Camp Leroo La Tau includes day and night game drives. Tour your surroundings on a guided nature walk where zebra, springbok and antelope lead the way deep into the heart of their territory. A walking safari is arguably the best way to see the bush from a different perspective.  Depending on the water level of the Boteti River, boating activities will also be available. Those guests who fancy getting to know the local culture and traditions will have the option of visiting Khumaga Village and Nxai Pan. 

Make the most of Camp Leroo La Tau's complimentary laundry service as you prepare to say goodbye to your epic Botswana safari. Say goodbye to the experience of a lifetime as you are transported to Maun airport- Botswana's largest airport. 

Meals: All meals and drinks (local brands) included 

Transport: Included



On the day of departure, you will be transported to Maun airport; the largest in Botswana.

It might be a little hard to bid farewell to this special place, but memories are forever after all. 

We wish you a safe flight back home!

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