24 May 2017

Seeing elephants is usually part of every traveller’s bucket list when visiting Southern Africa. However, knowing where to go is the key. Here are some of the best destinations to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat.

Kruger National Park

This is one of the largest and most popular game reserves in southern Africa. It’s located in the South Africa’s north-east, bordering Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Besides elephants, Kruger National Park is also home all the members of the Big Five.

Elephant viewing is offered all year round. It’s however recommended you visit during the dry winter months when vegetation is sparse and animals gather around watering holes to drink and cool off.

Mana Pools National Park

If your definition of African safari involves adventures in remote animal habitats where nature is at her best, Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe is a good place to see elephants in the wild.

It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and is found in the lower parts of the mighty Zambezi River. The park derives its name from the Shona term ‘Mana’ which translates to four. This refers to the four large permanent pools that fill up during the rainy seasons.

The elephants of the Mana Pools National Park have built a reputation for being acrobatic. They’re known to stand on their hind legs as they reach up to pluck the tasty fruits of albida trees with their trunks.

Chobe National Park

This is Botswana’s first national park and is situated along the Chobe River. It boasts a diverse ecosystem which supports a variety of wildlife. The park is believed to host around 50,000 elephants, making it a perfect destination if your goal is to catch a glimpse of these large mammals. A holiday to Botswana safari should be right on top of your bucket list. 

Wildlife viewing can be done both from land and from the river. Accommodation is readily available from the many lodges, campsites and private concessions within the park as well as houseboats which cruise along the river.

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