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Safari Guide of the Month [July], Alexander Muruma

03 July 2018
Part of the Tanzania Safari Collection
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Alex comes from the Kilimanjaro region, and was born and raised in a town called Moshi. His father was an advocate and his mother an entrepreneur, and they took great pride in providing Alex and his sister Esther with the best possible education – which in turn motivated the two siblings to strive to make their parents proud.

In spite of this urban and academic upbringing, Alex heard the call of the wild young, and early mornings would find him ready with a bow and arrow, catapult, knife and machete, trying to hunt scrub hare for fun. Fortunately, his family shared his enthusiasm, and their pets over the years included baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys and a bush baby as well as the more usual dogs, cats and tortoises. Having studied Business Administration and Information Technology, Alex was pursuing a career that would likely have landed him behind a desk. But instead he found his true passion in guiding, and his specialty is walking safaris. Meeting a diverse variety of people from all over the world and sharing his love for the wilderness, all in the most legendary of settings, keeps his passion alive and reminds him daily of why he loves to guide.

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