21 October 2016

Saadani National Park is located in the centre of historic triangle of Bagamoyo, pangani and Zanzibar. The park covers 1100 kilometres. Saadani National Park is also the only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania bordering the sea.

Saadani National Park is home to approximately 30 species of large mammals, numerous reptiles and birds. However, there are also species in the ocean nearby, namely; fish, Green turtles, Humpback whales and dolphins.

The park is also a habitat of elephant, lions, buffalos, giraffes, waterbuck, zebras, wildebeest, hippo and warthog.

If you’re planning a Tanzania safari, we’re selected 10 great photos from Instagram to show you what a Saadani National Park safari experience is like.




Saadani National Park Located in the centre of the historic triangle of Bagamoyo, Pangani and Zanzibar, Saadani National Park covers 1100km square. It is the only wildlife sanctuary in East Africa bordering the sea. The climate is coastal, hot and humid. It offers a unique combination of both marine and mainland flora and fauna in a culturally fascinating setting. About 30 species of larger mammals are present as well as numerous reptiles and birds. Besides many species of fish (over40), green turtle, Humpback whale and dolphins also occur in the ocean nearby. Historically and Cultural Saadani village once was an important harbour-town and slave trading center in east Africa. Now it is a small Swahili fishing village with about 800 inhabitants whose livelihood is mostly fishing. Other villages adjacent to the park make their living through farming especially coconut growing. After periods of Portuguese and Arab domination, the region gained importance in 18th and 19th century following a rising international demand for ivory and slaves. While you are here you can enjoy many activities including camping , sailing to the river and ocean with fishing, sunbathing and safari trips in the wildlife treasure found at Saadani National Park. For booking just Dm me or whatsapp +255789583800 #saadaninationalpark #tanzanianationalparks #nationalpark #saadani #visit #tour #enjoy #relax #wherethebeachmeetsthebush #transit #tambua_utalii_wa_ndani #photography #nature

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Saadani national park,the only national park in Tanzania bordered by the sea #saadaninationalpark

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We've been watching this (un)romantic couple for quite a while and it was always the same game - she'd stand somewhere enjoying some good leaves when he'd approach her. She'd start to get annoyed and wander off to the next shrubs with him behind glued to her butt as you see in the picture. Although the entire enterprise seemed quite unsuccessful while we were watching, let's hope for some baby giraffes in a year and a half or so. Location: Saadani National Park Tanzania Species: Massai Giraffe dark morph #giraffe #Tanzania #Saadani #saadaninationalpark #safari #wildlife #wildlifelovers #mating #wildlifeseekers #nature #naturelovers #romantic #matinganimals #wildlifephotography #wildlife_seekers #wildlifeaddicts

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