19 March 2013

Fighting back

With rhino poaching continuing to increase in South Africa, Shamwari Group decided to do their part. In a space of 12 months, Shamwari was able to raise 1 million rand for the Wilderness Foundation’s ‘Forever Wild Campaign’; an initiative to help save rhinos throughout South Africa.

Shamwari were able to do this by offering guests a discounted rate if guests donated a minimum of R100.00 per person per night. Shamwari Group then donated R500 for every room night sold on this offer.

Rhino Poaching Numbers Increase

146 rhino have been poached in 2013 thus far and numbers continue to increase. These beatiful animals are left to die after their horns have been severed.

Shamwari Group General Manager Joe Cloete says: “We at the Shamwari Group are now more than ever committed to make a real difference in the fight against rhino poaching. The onslaught has gathered momentum if you compare the statistics since 2011. The numbers of rhino poached have increased by 40% year on year and to date the number for 2013 is at 88.

Sincere Appreciation

There are many South Africans who want to make a difference, but up until now, have not known how to.

Along with our conservation partner, The Wilderness Foundation, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all our guests and agents who have contributed to the Forever Wild campaign. The campaign is a partnership with contributions coming from the public, agents and from The Shamwari Group. The funds are audited by Grant Thornton and handed over to The Wilderness Foundation where they are allocated to various projects to combat rhino poaching in South Africa. Jointly, we have now raised R1 million in 12 months towards the campaign. The battle is ongoing but we will not relent and with your help we can make a huge difference."

Anti-poaching Activities

The Wilderness Foundation Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Andrew Muir says: “The Wilderness Foundation and its Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative have been blown away by the generous support of the Shamwari Group and its guests. It is only through the combined efforts of government, corporates and the public that we can put an end to this crisis. The funds will go towards our numerous anti-poaching activities around South Africa, with a special focus on the Eastern Cape, including purchasing vital equipment, educating the public and training on-the-ground anti-poaching teams.”

Efforts Continue

Shamwari Group will continue to do their part as the Forever Wild campaign continues until December 2013 at Jock Safari Lodge and the Shamwari Group's other safari lodges.