21 Feb' 2017

Tanzania is a country of immense beauty which undoubtedly needs to be experienced in this lifetime. The country is famous the world over for its breathtaking savannahs, towering mountains, bustling cities and sun-soaked islands. It would seem there is little reason to not consider Tanzania for your next African experience as it really does have it all. Here are five naturally destinations to enjoy in the country.  

Mafia Island

Sadly or gladly there are no gangsters on Mafia Island. However, there is a natural world to explore which name derives from the Swahili language and is loosely pronounced “mahali pa afya,” which roughly means ‘a healthy dwelling place’ or from the Arabic  “morfiyeh,” meaning “archipelago”. The island is immensely popular for fishing, scuba diving and it’s untouched white sand beaches.

Mount Kilimanjaro

This could be one of the most epic natural locations to behold in all of Africa, the famed Mount Kilimanjaro near the border of Kenya is a must see destination for anyone exploring this great continent. The mountain towers at 5,892 meters (19,331 feet) this makes it the highest in Africa. This is a unique mountain. Even though it's near to the equator it still has a blanket of snow at its top point. Most times of year this can be seen from far reaching distances and its famous for its challenging climb for trekkers.

The Serengeti

Although The Serengeti stretches over the borders into Kenya it’s still accredited as a natural wonder of Tanzania and it is famous for having one the largest migration of mammals on the planet. It also forms as one of the seven wonders of the African continent and also one of the natural wonders of the world making it high up on any nature enthusiasts bucket list.  Dry season (late June till September) is the best time to see wildlife in the area.



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Zanzibar just off the mainland of Tanzania is composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the warm and clear Indian Ocean and comprises of various other islands in the area. It’s a region famous for various reasons including the UNESCO World Heritage site, Stone Town. Zanzibar’s relies heavily on the spice industry, the production of raffia fibre and tourism, Zanzibar also has a few of its own unique animals which can be spotted in certain areas on certain occasions.

Ngorongoro Crater

This UNESCO world heritage site is widely considered to be one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders on the planet and any trip to Tanzania isn’t complete without a visit to this iconic location. It was proposed that in 2009 the Tanzanian government wanted to reduce the population in the area from 65,000 to 25,000 and there were other plans to increase luxury hotels and resorts in the area so tourists can enjoy this natural wonder.

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