5 luxury accommodation establishments to stay at in Uganda

28 September 2016
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Uganda is a country of absolute natural beauty and it has been rated as one of the most untouched and scenic countries in the world. The country has a lot to offer when it comes to safaris, national parks, wildlife and birdlife and many of these resorts or bush camps are situated in prime location for game and wildlife exploration. Here are 5 luxury accommodation facilities to choose on your next Ugandan adventure.


Kampala Serena Hotel, Kampala

This 5 star establishment is conveniently located in the epicenter of bustling Kampala. The well run hotel prides itself in being a great location for the businessman or women visiting or the discerning luxury explorer coming to Kampala on their way to an African safari adventure. The hotel also boasts 7.2 acres of exquisitely landscaped grounds and water features. Visit their website for more information.   

The 5 star bustling kampala image taken from httpserenakampala.com.


Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Kampala

This is another leading destination for anyone wanting to experience the majestic beauty of Uganda. Other facilities include a conference centre as well as catering for weddings. Whether you are on holiday or visiting the capital for business this is widely regarded as a go to destination. The hotel also prides itself in fine dining. Visit their website for more information.

The beautiful Munyonyo Commonwealth Resorth image taken from httpwww.fbwgroup.com-Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Kampala.


Ntokoro Game Lodge -Semliki Valley

This picturesque game lodge is located on serene shores of Lake Albert in the Semliki Wildlife Reserve. This is also the sole safari lodge in the area which prides itself in having its own beach which can be enjoyed in various ways. This luxury tented game which can be is located in pristine beauty will ensure that all your dreams of an African safari come true.  Visit their website for more information.

Image taken from httpwww.ntorokogamelodge.com.


Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

This uniquely modern safari lodge was in fact the conversion of an old coffee handling plant. Today it stands proudly as a fantastic facility for anyone wanting to experience the vast splendor of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Some of the things to do and see in the area include hiking to see chimpanzee, wetland tours, lion and predator orientated safaris and many more. The area is also scenically located with views of the Mountains of the Moon. Visit this website for more information.

Photo taken from sncdn.com-Kyambura Gorge Lodge.


Mount Gahinga Lodge, Mgahinga National Park

With towering volcanoes as the backdrop Mount Gahinga Lodge is a prime destination for anyone searching for luxury and adventure. What’s also unique about this location is it has a rare partnership with the local Batwa Tribe so visitors really get a taste of Ugandan culture this is also considered to be one of the oldest African tribes in existence.  Visit this website for more information.

Image taken from sncdn.com-Mount Gahinga Lodge.

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