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10 experiences to have along the Skeleton Coast

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Megan Warrington

Safari Travel Planner

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Megan Warrington

Author: Megan Warrington - 22 August 2018

Last Update: 30 January 2024

Adventure is always just around the corner on a Namibia safari. Whether it’s tackling a challenging 4×4 route in a remote area, hurtling down a sand dune on a board, or skydiving above the desert, there are endless ways to experience the country with some adrenaline-inducing fun.

1. Braving the swell on a surfing trip

Namibia is fast becoming of Africa’s surfing hotspots. Incredible waves make this an awesome place to go on an active adventure.

surfing in namibia russ ord

Chris Ross | Credit: Russ Ord

May to October is the perfect time to surf, as the swells are truly epic. While it is also the rainy season, the weather is mild and the waves huge.

2. Cape Cross seal colony

Watch the drama of this breeding colony as they fill the beach up with young pups and lusty males. Lurking in the background are jackals and other predators, ready to snatch a pup that’s evaded the watchful eye of it’s mother. A very remote and interesting forray into the wilderness of dunes that characterise this exquisite landscape.

3. Explore the ghostly Kolmanskop

An abandoned mining settlement a few kilometers from the beaches of the Skeleton Coast. The first inhabitants were after diamonds, which literally littered the land.

kolmanskop namibia safari

It was soon abandoned and what’s left is a sand-covered shell of this former bustling settlement. Eerily fascinating.

4. Near vertical descent down massive sand dunes

This thrilling activity is not for the faint of heart. It’s best to do this activity with an experienced tour operator, familiar with the changing landscape of the dunes.

things to do in namibia 4x4 dune descent

We’ll find one that suits your budget. The number one rule? Don’t brake!

5. Graveyard of ships

The Skeleton Coast has been the site of many a shipwreck. The treacherous Atlantic Ocean can be difficult to navigate due to extreme weather conditions. A ship in danger along the coast has very little hope of being saved…

7. Fishing

The coast offers up plenty of marine life and is an excellent fishing spot.

fishing along the skeleton coast namibia safari

Credit: Strandloopertjies

Enjoy your catch of the day over hot coals while you watch the orange sunset disappear over the horizon.

8. Discover the coast from the water

Several tour operators offer day trip kayaking along the coast. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the resident seal colony, many marine species and birds, from the water.

kayaking along the skeleton coast seals things to do in namibia

Timing is key, as the weather can churn up the waves very quickly. However, the experience is well worth it. The best time to

9. Hike the Ugab River Trail

This trail is located at the boundary of the Skeleton Coast outside Swakopmund. You don’t need to be super-fit to explore the trail as it is much less strenuous than the Fish River Canyon trail.

ugab river best hiking trails in namibia

Credit: Ugab Terrace Lodge

Soak up the silence, appreciate the uniquely adapted vegetation and finish your journey captivated by the sheer geological wonder of this unique country. Best from April to October.

10. Camp in the remote Hoanib Valley Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is scenically located in a broad valley at the confluence of two tributaries of the Hoanib River in the northern part of the private Palmwag Concession. Its location thus straddles the Palmwag area and the iconic Skeleton Coast National Park, in one of the most remote areas of the Kaokoveld.

hoanib skeleton coast camp palmwag namibia safari

The camp looks out over stunning, starkly beautiful scenery and offers guests all the luxuries and amenities for an unforgettable stay.


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