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Primate Lodge Kibale

Kibale National Park, Uganda

Part of the Uganda Safari Collection

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Kibale Forest National Park harbours the greatest variety and concentration of primates found anywhere in Africa. No less than thirteen different species live in this tropical forest, including human’s closest relative, the chimpanzee.Great Lakes Safaris invites you to stay at Primate Safari Lodge Kibale, our retreat in the middle of this wonderful forest. Whether you choose a high level of luxury, opt to stay in mid-range accommodation or prefer to bring your own tent, Primate Lodge Kibale is the place to stay!  The most important Uganda safari activity in Primate Safari Lodge Kibale’s surroundings is of course the chimp trekking, offered in the morning and afternoon. Enjoy a guided nature walk while being educated and entertained by experienced wildlife ranger guides. The habituation experience will give you the opportunity to come face to face with the chimps in a very special way.

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Primate Lodge Kibale Details

Activities offered at the lodge

Game walks
Cultural experience
Nature Walks
Swamp Walks
Bird Watching
Chimp tracking


Business Center
Dining/Communal Area
Free High-Speed Internet
Free Parking
Personal Chef
Room Service

Included in your stay

Meals: All meals
Drinks: Most drinks (excludes certain spirits and wines)
Activities: 2 safari activities per day

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