Experience the beaches of Mozambique

Experience the beaches of Mozambique available in Bazaruto Archipelago, Bazaruto, Mozambique, Pemba, Quirimbas Archipelago, Vilanculo

Located on the south-east of the African continent, Mozambique has a long shore line off the Indian Ocean. There are three main attractions including a great array of game parks, white sand beaches and a colourful capital city, Maputo. Its neighbours are South Africa and Swaziland to the southwest, Zimbabwe to the west and Tanzania in the north. Madagascar is to its far east and is only separated by the Mozambique channel.

Popular Beach holidays in Mozambique

These popular itineraries can be customised to match your budget and travel dates

Blissful Mozambique Honeymoon Holiday (6 days) - Africa Wildlife Safaris

Blissful Mozambique Honeymoon Holiday (6 days)

Romance, exclusivity and barefoot luxury are the themes of this honeymoon

per person

6 days

South African Bush to Mozambican Beach Holiday (9 days) - Africa Wildlife Safaris

South African Bush to Mozambican Beach Holiday (9 days)

In this exciting safari holiday, you'll get to experience both Southern Africa's bush and beach beauty

per person

9 days

Kruger to the Mozambican Coast (7 days) - Africa Wildlife Safaris

Kruger to the Mozambican Coast (7 days)

Combining the bush and the wildlife found in the famous Sabi Sand in the Kruger National Park with a tropical stay in one of the sublime lodges of Mozambique's Ponta Mamoli

per person

7 days

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Before the civil war of the seventies, Mozambique attracted more tourist visits than South Africa and Zimbabwe. This was attributed to the famous Gorongosa game park situated in the middle of the country. This suffered as many animals were hunted down for food during the war. However, great efforts were made to restock wildlife with a successful repopulation of the existing lions, hippos and elephants.

Know before you go

Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony and thus the official language is Portuguese. It is spoken by over half of the population as a second language with other major local languages including Swahili, Makhuwa and Sena. Apart from its great wildlife, Mozambique is also known for its great cuisine. Enjoy the amazing seafood and be sure to try their peri-peri prawns.

When to go

It is best to visit Mozambique when the weather is favourable i.e. between the months of May and October.

What to pack

Casual shirts

A pair of longs


Long-sleeved t-shirts

Bathing suit

Sunglasses and hat


Insect repellant


Weather and Climate

Mozambique has a tropical climate which is divided into two main seasons. The wet season begins in November and runs through to April, while the dry season is from April to October. Cyclones are prevalent in January and February during the rainy season. Temperatures vary from place to place depending on altitude and months. In Maputo for example, temperatures range from 13-24 degrees centigrade in July to 22-31 degrees in February.

Safari / Holiday Styles

​A relaxing beach holiday.

Where to stay

Two of the major places you can’t miss for luxurious beach relaxation, are Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas Archipelago for a private island escape. For wildlife, visit Gorongosa National Park.

Beach holidays in Mozambique - Africa Wildlife Safaris

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