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Find the time to meet the Masai people and sit down for a chat in one of their handmade manyatta's

Not everyone has a day to travel to the Masai villages and take a walk with these fascinating people through their land. That's why a mere visit to their communities is a simple, and shorter, way of taking a peak into these colourfully clad, nomadic people. 

The Masai live lives entirely devoid of western influence and observing a normal day in a Masai village or manyatta, is not only educational, but incredibly memorable. It's extraordinary to think that these tribes, who live off the earth alone and who have no technology or even shops, still exist so closely beside the western world.

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The Masai people are completely in touch with nature. They know their land better than any trained guide or tracker. Sadly, some of the villages have become commercial, especially the ones dotted along the tourist route between the Rift Valley escarpment and the Serengeti. The villages off the main tourist path are still authentic and it's worth going to the trouble of finding them. 

The experience of sitting in the shade of a flat top acacia tree and watching the children herd cattle and goats is unrivalled. 

The best place to experience the true Masai culture is in the Loita Hills, in the heart of Masailand. Travellers can take a walk with the Masai on their land and explore the forest of the lost children, home to beautiful yellowwood and wild olive trees. 

It's incredible to spend some time with the Masai. Understanding their culture will shed some light on Africa and her fascinating ways.

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