20 Reasons why you should visit Ruaha National Park

29 September 2016
Part of the Tanzania Safari Collection
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Ruaha National Park situated in Tanzania is one of the largest parks in the East Africa. Known for its rich flora and fauna, it's also home to huge elephant populations, with an estimated 12,000 elephants migrating through the greater Ruaha ecosystem each year.

Ruaha National Park is also a habitat for the endangered African wild dog population as well as wildlife such as lions, zebras, jackals and the Bat-eared fox.

If you’re planning a Tanzania safari, we’ve selected 20 great photos from Instagram to show you what a Ruaha National Park safari experience is like.














Increddibly rare and cute baby elephant twins.... #ruahanationalparktanzania #ruahanationalpark

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#kudu #wildlife #Tanzania #RuahaNationalPark

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A lioness with a damaged eye in Ruaha #africa #asiliaafrica #safari

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#Ostrich #Ruahanationalpark #Vacation #Iringa #Tanzania #eastafrica #Ruaha

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#african #starling #tanzania #ruahanationalpark #bird #oiseau

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Gattopardo, #serval #ruaha #ruahanationalpark #pietroluraschi #wildlifeexperiences #cat #tanzania #safari #wildlifeexperiences

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