15 reasons why you should explore the Tarangire National Park

22 August 2016
Part of the Tanzania Safari Collection
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Two young lions cosying up in the Tarangire National Park during a very cold mornng. #tanzania #tarangirenationalpark #lion #safari

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Something bright and beautiful in the Tarangire National Park - a Lilac-Breasted Roller. #tanzania #tarangirenationalpark #ornithology #birdwatching #roller

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Leopard - Panthera pardus

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Someone had a rough night #blueballs #vervetmonkey #tarangirenationalpark #safari #tanzania����

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The wave... #tarangirenationalpark #tanzania #asiliadventuresafaris #savetheelephants

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Young Dik Dik. Copeland Family Safari 2016. #tanzania #tanzaniasafari #safari #tarangire #tarangirenationalpark #dikdik #canon7d

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My favorite photo from the safari #safari#elephant#tanzania#tarangirenationalpark

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