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Mount Kenya National Park Safari

The ultimate guide to your next Mount Kenya National Park Safari

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Get to Know Mount Kenya National Park

For the thrill seekers out there, you’ll find the perfect blend of wildlife and mountain to explore

Mount Kenya is the second highest peak mountain in Africa, with its highest peak standing at approximately 5 199 meters above sea level. It also serves as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a realm of the mythical Kikuyu god known as Ngai. The ancient Kikuyu people built their customary homes facing this sacred peak as they believed it was a place of light; hence the name Kirinyaga.

Mount Kenya comprises three magnificent peaks namely Nelion (5 188 m), Lenana (4 985 m), and Batian (5 199 m), all of which offer various degrees of difficulty when it comes to mountain climbing. These peaks also provide wildlife and birds with distinctly different environments and landscapes, thus making them unique ecosystems that can be vastly different from one another. You can expect rainforests, African moors and rocky terrain. The mountain flaunts a ragged series of peaks crowned with snow that creates crystal clear pools of fresh water at the base of the slopes. The best time to get a fascinating view of the mountain is at dawn when the early light of day silhouettes its stunning summit high over the plains surrounding it.

Mount Kenya National Park is also home to the Big Five (elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard, and rhino) and troops of baboons and monkeys whose fascinating behaviour is a joy to observe. You will also be able to see such animals as waterbucks, tree hyrax, elands, and the white-tailed mongoose. Expect birds in abundance, with owls, eagles, nightjars, ibises and hawks taking centre stage.

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Why Mount Kenya?

  • Pristine wilderness with lakes, tarns, glaciers and peaks of great beauty
  • The National Park has many unusual species of plants
  • Hiking trekkers can take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the region
  • Visit the second highest mountain in Africa

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FAQs about Mount Kenya

  • The currency that you will be using on a Kenya Safari is the Kenyan shilling.
  • Pack neutral-coloured clothing to blend into the bush during Game drives
  • Long-sleeved shirts help to provide sun and mosquito protection
  • T-shirts and shorts are also great for warmer days
  • Evenings and cooler days call for jeans or longer pants 
  • A rain-proof jacket is always a good idea to pack along
Kenya's fantastic safari areas are safe to visit, and the country's kind, welcoming people will make your journey unforgettable. A Rhino safari is no different if you are accompanied by a safari guide in a safari area. There should not be any problems.
  • December to March are the sunniest months and perhaps the best time to visit. There are some cloudy periods and rain from March to May, and drizzle from October to early December which may restrict clear views. However, Mount Kenya National Park is open all year round.
  • You are putting yourself in a position where you are exposed to wild animals for which many of them are dangerous. However, on a safari every precaution is made to ensure your safety when going on a game drives or walks. This is why it is of absolute importance that you listen to your well-trained guide at all times, failure to do so might result in harm, however, if you are respectful of your surroundings and the fact that you are in a wild place you will be perfectly safe and have an experience of a lifetime.
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