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Rwanda and Kenya Safari Review

Omar Hamadah from Kuwait travelled with Discover Africa in September 2018

My first safari. They made it happen in such a smooth manner.

I am an avid traveler, I love to discover new places and see new things. It didn’t take long for me to put Africa on my bucket list of places to visit with an African safari as a top priority bucket list activity.

I’ve visited other websites and have even communicated with their employees, unfortunately, I didn’t have good experiences with some of them. So upon planning my first safari, I came across Discover Africa & true to their name, they did help me discover a part of Africa.

My correspondent was Karl, and I have to say that he was very efficient, I laid out the specifications for him and he quickly managed to create an itinerary for me. Things were smooth from the planning stage, to the tour itself, to the return. I had a wonderful time and I can confidently recommend Discover Africa for your first (or next) trip to Africa. Africa is certainly a unique continent full of wonder.

My first trip was a combination of two East African countries, Rwanda & Kenya. It was a great combination as there was a stark contrast between the two countries.

Rwanda was a lush, green, mountainous region where farms galore. Kenya had a somewhat harsh, arid landscape. The gorillas and golden monkeys were Rwanda’s flagship attraction so I didn’t dare to miss the opportunity to see both. Some people opted for 2 gorilla treks as opposed to one gorilla & golden monkey trek, and I simply don’t recommend that. There is beauty in both encounters & a contrast in behavior as well. The gorillas were generally more reserved and shy while the monkeys were playful and mischievous. The rules of both encounters differ as well & you had a bit more freedom with the golden monkeys. Rwandans are a very welcoming, friendly people & I lost count of how many times we got smiles, hellos and waves as we drove past them. On one occasion, a couple of cute children did a little cultural dance and song for us.

Kenya was beautiful in it’s own way as well. I stayed at the Governer’s Camp at the Maasai Mara & the experience was nothing short of unique. A 45 minute flight will take you away from society and into the wilderness where the camps are located. You will be greeted by gazelles, giraffes, baboons & zebras upon arrival & transferal to the camp. You will enjoy the escape from civilization, you will enjoy waking up to the grunts and roars of animals as opposed to the grunts and roars of vehicles, you will enjoy viewing the wildlife you may have seen in zoos, only this time in their natural habitat. Having breakfast while marveling at the gazelles & zebras on the horizon is an alluring experience and beats all the dinner nights I’ve had watching my favorite TV shows. If you get the chance, opt for some Kenyan coffee, it’s a pleasure to the senses and the best I’ve ever tasted (and I’m not much of a coffee person).

One thing to keep in mind is that this is nature, experiences will vary from one person to the next, there are no guarantees in the wild. But I can guarantee that you will have a great overall experience. My favourite moment was witnessing the very end of a river crossing by a zeal of zebras as it rained over the Mara river. A zebra met it’s end at the jaws of a crocodile. Our driver brought us closer to witness the spectacle of a bask of crocodiles engaging in a feeding frenzy like nothing I’ve ever seen. All of this while a rainbow arched over us.

Truly awe inspiring.

The trip included: Safaris In Rwanda Travel To Uganda East Africa Safari Holidays

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