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How to get to Kruger

Where is Kruger? How do I get there by air? How do I get there by road? We answer all your questions about how to get to Kruger National Park.

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So you want to know how to get to Kruger. You want simple instructions and important information in one place. Look no further. Here are the easiest ways to get to Kruger National Park by air, or by road.

Where is Kruger National Park?

Kruger National Park lies across two of South Africa's provinces: Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga Province. Directly north of Kruger is Zimbabwe and to the east lies Mozambique.

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How to get to Kruger by air

Main airports near Kruger National Park:

Phalaborwa Airport
Phalaborwa Airport is in the northern part near Kruger National Park. 

Hoedspruit Airport
Hoedspruit Airport is situated in the central park section outside Kruger Park. 

Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport
Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport is situated at the Southern section of Kruger National Park. This is also the most popular airport to use to get to Kruger because it is close to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

National airlines that fly to Phalaborwa Airport, Hoedspruit Airport and Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport are South African Airways and British Airways.

You can use car hire in Kruger National Park if you don't want to rely on a friend or shuttle service to help you out with transfers. Phalaborwa Airport and Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport offer depots where you can pick up your car rental vehicle. Hoedspruit Airport, however, doesn't offer one the chance to pick up their car hire. The nearest rental depot is located within Hoedspruit city centre. 

How to get to Kruger by road

If you're thinking about a self-drive safari, you would probably like to know how to get to Kruger by road. No problem. Below is a helpful grid containing the information you'll need in order to get you from the nearest town to the gate you wish to use to enter the Kruger National Park.


Gate Name


From Town


Malelane Gate on the R570 off the N4 near Malelane 25°27′42.73″S 31°31′58.70″E
Crocodile Bridge Gate on the extension of Rissikstreet from Komatipoort 25°21′30.48″S 31°53′36.59″E
Numbi Gate on the R569 road from Hazyview 25°9′19.26″S 31°11′51.00″E
Phabeni Gate on the road off the R536 from Hazyview 25°1′30.42″S 31°14′29.15″E
Paul Kruger Gate on the R536 road from Hazyview 25°1′30.42″S 31°14′29.15″E
Orpen Gate on the R531 road from Klaserie 24°28′32.95″S 31°23′26.79″E
Phalaborwa Gate on the R71 road from Phalaborwa 23°56′43.63″S 31°9′54.15″E
Punda Maria Gate on the R524 road from Thohoyandou 22°44′17.89″S 31°0′32.52″E
Pafuri Gate on the R525 road from Musina 22°24′0.60″S 31°2′29.08″E



Gate times of Kruger National Park

When travelling to Kruger National Park, it's important to consider what time the gates open and close. You wouldn't want to miss out on a night's paid-for accommodation just because you arrived too late. Similarly, you wouldn't want to miss your flight because you're locked within the park's gates. Take note of the Kruger gate times below in order to enjoy hassle free travel experiences.

Entrance Gates Opening Times:

Oct - Mar: 05:30
Apr - Sep: 06:00

Camp Gates Opening Times:

Oct: 05:30
Nov - Jan: 04:30
Feb - Mar: 05:30
Apr - Sep: 06:00

Camp Gate Closing Times:

Aug - Oct: 18:00
Nov - Feb: 18:30
Mar - Apr: 18:00
May - Jul: 17:30

Now you know how to get to Kruger National Park. It's time to plan a trip to there.

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