Discover Africa Safaris Veruschka Nel

Southern Africa Product Manager. I do the behind-the-scenes work, making a journey expert's life easier so that they can create journeys of a lifetime for their clients.

New to the Discover Africa team, Veruschka has over 20 years experience in the travel industry. She has traveled extensively across South Africa and visited Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Having worked for a luxury lodge operator for most of her career, she enjoys spending time in the African bush and needs a “bush fix” at least once a year. Not limiting herself to African travel, she has also travelled to the USA, Israel, Mexico, Cyprus, Seychelles and more recently, to India and the United Arab Emirates. Born in the Free State, the move to Cape Town was a logical one, especially since it meant that home could be walking distance from the ocean.

Q & A with Veruschka

Which countries do you know the most about?
South Africa

What do you love about traveling in Africa?
The people. There is always an unexpected smile somewhere along the way…. when you need it the most.

What is your favourite place in Africa?
Wild Coast on the East Coast of South Africa

With whom do you love to travel?
My partner. Namibians just seem to be born with an inherent way of dealing with life’s little problems (and the ability to fix most things)

If there is only one item you could take on a journey, what would it be?
One item? Impossible… I need lots of things. Something to heat water if needed; mosquito repellent; camera; an array of shoes….. ok, maybe the one thing could be a very large suitcase!

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