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Pristine bush in Tanzania's alluring 'wild west'

Tanzania's most underrated safari destination, Katavi comes as close as any park to evoking Africa as it must have been 100 years ago.

Tanzania's third-largest national park, little-known Katavi extends across 4,470 square kilometres of the remote Rukwa Valley, an easterly extension of the Albertine Rift. Though dominated by dense Brachystegia woodland, its most important features in terms of game viewing are the seasonal Katuma and Kapapa Rivers and the open floodplains that flank them.

In the dry season, when the floodwaters retreat, these grassy plains support plenty of lions and elephants, a few thousand-strong buffalo herds and a diversity of other plains species such as zebra, giraffe, hartebeest, topi, impala, reedbuck and Defassa waterbuck.

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Philip Briggs says

Katavi brings back so many fabulous memories. I saw my first pangolin here, walking nonchalantly along the airstrip, and the hippo interaction is fascinating to watch. Nights can be magic too, whether they are filled with the sounds of elephants crashing around your tent or the roaring calls of three different prides of lions.

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A memorable feature of Katavi is the spectacular numbers of hippos that converge on any stretch of the river that is sufficiently deep to wallow in during the dry season. When the rivers dry up, usually in September or October, the hippos relocate to a series of natural groundwater springs where you could see 500-plus individuals in one muddy wallow, lying cheek to jowl.

Katavi is also a good but not great birding destination, with large water-associated birds and raptors being well represented. African fish-eagle, bateleur and white-backed vulture are prominent. But the park's biggest attraction is its remoteness and the scarcity of other tourists, which means that you have most sightings to yourself. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Katavi

What kinds of animals will I see on safari?

Whether you are in the Southern or East Africa you will generally be able to see the big five. The difference really comes in when considering antelope as they are based on your chosen location. go there.

What vaccinations should I get?

This is all dependant on the countries that you will be visitng and due to the status of certain vaccinations changing at times, please consult our experts before getting vaccines. go there.

Is it okay to drink the water?

In some parts of Southern Africa it is safe to drink the tap water, however it is highly recommended to stick to bottled water (mostly supplied) during your trip as even drinkable African water is completely different in taste and… go there.

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