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Africa's most spectacular canyon

The Fish River has carved out a spectacular canyon over 500m deep that snakes its way through southern Namibia for 160km to the confluence with the Orange River

Namibia's world-class canyon is protected within the Fish River Canyon National Park. Visitors have a few alternatives to choose between when deciding how to explore the lengthy gorge.

Undoubtedly the best way to truly appreciate this spectacular geological masterpiece is from the five-day self-supported hiking trail that descends into the canyon's depths and follows the winding seasonal river all the way to the Ai-Ais Hot Springs. The hot springs resort provides weary hikers with an excellent base to recuperate for a couple of days, soaking their tired legs and aching muscles in the natural thermal pools. 

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The Fish River Canyon affords hiking enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in one of Africa's premier multi-day trails through a pristine, otherworldly landscape that makes everyone who experiences the arid canyon's majesty seriously consider becoming a geologist!

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For visitors who don't have the stamina or inclination to rough it on an 85km self-supported hiking trip, there is always the option of basing one's self at either Ai-Ais in the south or Hobas in the north and viewing the canyon from a series of picturesque viewpoints scattered along the canyon's rim. All of these viewpoints can be accessed by vehicle and provide a great outlook over the wide canyon, including the famous Hell's Corner that features in most Namibian tourist brochures.

This canyon rim viewing option is perfect for families with small children or travellers that lack the fitness or time to take on the tough five-day trail down below. Remember that the trail is only open to hikers from May to September due to the extreme heat and unpredictable weather of summer with possible flash floods. Another less well known multi-day hiking trail exists in the neighbouring Löwen and lower Fish River canyons. While the Fish River Lodge and the Cañon Lodge of private Gondwana Cañon Park are two other top accommodation options worth investigating in the area.

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