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Cobblestoned Europe in Cape Town

Colourful buildings in this historical area hold some of Cape Town's best restaurants, bars and boutique hotels, each with their own unique character.

Many of the semi-detached houses in De Waterkant survive from the days when Cape Town's architecture was heavily influenced by 18th-century Europe. These characterful buildings have been restored, painted in cheerful colours and the area is now one of the city's most hip and vibrant suburbs. Many of the streets are paved with cobblestones, making it easy for travellers to stroll from a tapas bar or Parisian-style cafe to a salsa club, art gallery or sidewalk restaurant. 

Many of the coffee shops in De Waterkant also double as exhibition space for local clothing and furniture designers, giving each spot its own atmosphere and style.

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Adel Groenewald says

De Waterkant is very close to the city centre and it's easy for me to pop over for lunch or coffee with a friend at one of the many interesting spots along the sidewalk or to browse around the very stylish furniture stores.

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The best way to explore De Waterkant is to get lost in the narrow side streets and find a cosy spot for dinner, but there are a few favourites to look out for (as in any city, do take care after dark). Andiamo is an Italian restaurant ideal for a dinner with friends and shared bottles of red wine. Cafe Manhattan is a great spot for lunch or afternoon coffee and it really lights up in the evening. The Loading Bay Cafe is not only a lunch spot with hearty meals and homemade juices, but it also showcases locally designed clothing and jewellery. 

For small meals, tea or sweet treats, Fiesta Tapas Bar will have you snacking on the sidewalk while Le Petite Tarte will make you feel like you're in Paris, but with the friendly hospitality so typical of South Africa. Origin Coffee Roasting roasts its own coffee and you can choose from a wide range of African blends.

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What kinds of animals will I see on safari?

Whether you are in the Southern or East Africa you will generally be able to see the big five. The difference really comes in when considering antelope as they are based on your chosen location. go there.

What vaccinations should I get?

This is all dependant on the countries that you will be visitng and due to the status of certain vaccinations changing at times, please consult our experts before getting vaccines. go there.

Is it okay to drink the water?

In some parts of Southern Africa it is safe to drink the tap water, however it is highly recommended to stick to bottled water (mostly supplied) during your trip as even drinkable African water is completely different in taste and… go there.

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