24 Jun' 2020

Africa is a continent situated South of the equator. It is the second-largest continent in the world. Trust me when I say, your first time to Africa will not be your last. You are constantly drawn to the continent wanting more and more each time. When I think of what makes Africa so special I think of its diverse fauna and flora, its people and its unique landscapes. 

I know what your thinking: “Africa is huge! How do I choose the best country for a safari?”. Choosing a country in Africa is tricky as all of them have so many unique aspects about them. When choosing a country to visit in Africa, one needs to think about which one will give you that true “Africa feeling”. My article will provide you with insight as to which country in Africa is best for a Safari. 


There you have it! In my opinion, Botswana is the best country for a safari in Africa. Botswana is a very special destination not only to me personally, but to many others that have been there. Botswana is situated in Southern Africa, with South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia being Botswana’s neighbouring countries. The best time to visit Botswana is between May and October. Make sure you know what each month offers and enables you to do. 

Here are my reasons for choosing Botswana as the best country in Africa for a Safari:

1. Location

As Botswana is situated in central Southern Africa, one is easily able to combine your Botswana safari with one if it’s surrounding countries. Enabling you to tick off two countries in just one trip. A very popular combination is combining Botswana with the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. One can enjoy your safari in Botswana and then simply take a one and a half-hour transfer from Kasane (a town near the Chobe National Park) to the Victoria Falls where you can stay for a few days and end off your trip. 

2. Activities 

One would expect a safari to be all about land activities, but Botswana offers water activities as well, which is extremely unique for a safari destination. When speaking about “land activities”, I am referring to game drives and game walks, which are available at almost any destination in Botswana. Water activities include all types of boat cruises, but a water activity that really tickles my fancy is a Mokoro boat ride in the Okavango Delta. A Mokoro boat ride is very unique to Botswana and can only be done here. Activities in Botswana, especially water activities, highly depend on flooding and natural rainfall seasons. Make sure you book at the right the time. 

3. Conservation 

Botswana’s conservation measures are extremely high. They show great commitment to keeping their wildlife safe. Did you know that 40 percent of Botswana is labelled a wildlife-protected area? Botswana has banned all commercial hunting and now labels itself as a photographic safari destination. Botswana is very exclusive, as many areas only allow a certain amount of people per measured area. Congested game drives do not exist here. 

The people

As I travelled to Botswana many years ago, one thing I have always remembered about my trip was being greeted with a big smile from all Botswana people. The people of Botswana take pride in their heritage. They are friendly, respectful and easy-going.  Expect to feel utter warmth the minute you enter the country. 

In conclusion, all of us are unique and have our own preferences. Some of you might prefer East Africa or a different country in Southern Africa, but if you’re like me and you can relate to what’s been said in this article then Botswana is the safari destination for you. Get ready and go to Botswana! However, prepare yourself to leave your heart behind as I guarantee you, you will fall in love with this country. 

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