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A Photo Diary of a Day in the Serengeti

05 May 2017
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Serengeti is located in north Tanzania and extends to southwest Kenya. The Serengeti encompasses Serengeti National park and a number of protected game reserves and conservations areas maintained by the government of Tanzania and Kenya. The region hosts the largest mammal migration in the world and is a popular destination for an African safari.

Serengeti is home to one of the world’s seven natural wonders. More than one million wildebeest migration crosses the Mara River in the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya to the park in search of the green pastures. Plan a Tanzania safari to witness the annual wildebeest migration.  




Another crossing photo. Shout out to the zebras stuck in the middle

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The Serengeti National Park ecosystem is the oldest on the planet. It boasts a diversity of flora and fauna that is unavailable anywhere else on the globe.





i miss this place all the time ���� #africa #tanzania #serengeti

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Serengeti has the largest population of lions in the world - due to the abundance of prey species. More than 3,000 lions live in this ecosystem. However, they live in pride and dominate the region.



Lion in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania by @vivaafricatours

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Feels like love is in the air today

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If you wanna take a panoramic view of Serengeti, enjoy a balloon safari.  

Serengeti is largely savannah grassland with scattered pieces of Shrub land that is ideal for the herbivores to graze and good for the carnivores to hunt. Among the herbivores found here include - zebra, elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, antelope, gazelles and buffaloes. However, among the carnivores found include lions, cheetah, leopards, hyena and jackals.





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I'm watching you�� #serengeti #serengetinationalpark #tanzania #africa #travel #nature

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Elefants en llibertat #serengetinationalpark #tanzania #safari #nikon

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Serengeti is inhabited by Maasai and Swahili people. They have been living here for million of years. They represent their unique culture. Some people are educated in these tribes - so sometimes they guide tourists. Apart from these tribes, human habitation is prohibited in the park.




#maasai #maasaitribe #africa #tanzania #photography

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Serengeti is a perfect place to see all Big Cats except tiger. You can spot lion, cheetah, jaguar and leopards. They hunt wild animals to survive.  



When mom's teaching you how to make breakfast and you're hungry...

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