Bateleur Main Camp

Timbavati, Kruger National Park

Part of the Kruger National Park Safari & African Safari Collection

Bateleur Main Camp is nestled in the Timbavati Private Reserve adjacent to the Kruger National Park. Unfenced from the Kruger, this intruiging camp offers great opportunities for bush walks learning practical bush survival skills and game drives. 

Tha camp can accommodate up to 16 poeple, with comfortable safari units with a unique design and en suite bathrooms. Units vary in size and can accommodate two to four people very comfortably. Some units have an interior bath tub and private shower. 

When designing and building Bateleur Main camp, it was a priority to make as small a footprint as possible. Tented walls were chosen over concrete structures, allowing guests inside the units a closer interaction with the outdoors. No trees were removed during the building process, allowing the camp to unobtrusively blend into the surrounds. Approximately 120 trees have subsequently been planted in and around the camp. Regular four-legged visitors that can be seen walking within the camp perimeter during the day include Nyalas, warthogs and bushbuck. Elephants, buffalo and rhino can often be seen walking through the river bed in front of the camp. At night, anything shorter than an adult elephant can, and often does, walk through the camp under the cover of darkness. 

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Bateleur Main Camp Details

Activities offered at the lodge

Game drives (day)
Game drives (night)
Game walks
Bushcraft and survival skills workshop


Dining/Communal Area
Shuttle Bus Service

Included in your stay

Meals: All meals
Drinks: Most drinks (excludes certain spirits and wines)
Activities: 3 safari activities per day

Bateleur Main Camp Map

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