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Discover Africa Safaris Andre Van Kets 21 December 2013

Why our hand-picked accommodation meets the highest standards

Did you know? The single biggest factor affecting your overall safari experience -- and the price of your safari -- is where you choose to stay. Here, we describe the six criteria we use to rate all properties for the best safari experience and good value for money.

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We only recommend lodges and hotels we’ve visited ourselves. If we haven’t been there, we won’t send you there.

With over 300 safari lodges in the Masai Mara alone, how are you supposed to know which are best? And which one is best for you?

Based on years of experience, our journey experts consider six key factors every time they recommend accommodation for your safari. This way, we can guarantee you get value for money and a remarkable safari experience.

Every lodge and hotel we recommend receives an overall star rating, based on these six criteria:

1. Wildlife

  • How rich is the wildlife in the area?
  • How likely are you to see the wildlife that particularly interests you?
  • How knowledgeable are the lodge’s guides?
  • Are there any endemic or rare species in the area?

2. Location

  • Based on your travel dates, will you be in the right place at the right time?
  • How close is the accommodation to your reason for being there? For example: Is your lodge within the national park boundaries? Is your chalet right on the beach, or two roads back from it?

3. Value

  • Taking into account your budget and priorities, and the other options available, does the lodge represent genuine value for money?
  • What’s included in the lodge’s rate? For example: Are breakfasts, activities, drinks and laundry included?

4. Sustainability & Ethics

  • Is the lodge environmentally sustainable?
  • Do they support and develop local communities?
  • Do they have an ethical approach to business and the environment?

5. Setting

  • How beautiful is the setting?
  • Is there something magical or unique about this place?
  • Does the lodge have a ‘wow’ factor?

6. Overall Experience

  • How friendly and accommodating are the staff?
  • How intimate is the lodge? For example: Will you have dinner with just eight other guests, or would you have to queue for meals?
  • How good are the food, amenities and activities?
  • Is the lodge known to surprise and delight its guests?

The bottom line:

When planning your safari, we take all of these factors into account. We only recommend hotels and lodges that score highly on these standards -- and match your specific needs.