Chimpanzee Safaris

Join us for a chimpanzee safari, an amazing chance to see these lively animals up close in their own homes. This safari is really special because it lets you get close to the chimpanzees and see how they live, play, and even hunt. You’ll hear their calls and feel like you’re part of their world for a little while. It’s a unique trip that’s both exciting and special.

A chimpanzee safari is perfect for anyone who loves animals and adventure. You’ll go on an exciting walk through the forest to find the chimpanzees. Once you find them, you get to spend a whole hour watching them. It’s not just about seeing the chimps; it’s about feeling like you’re part of their life. Whether you’re in Tanzania or Uganda, we’ve got great places to see them. And there’s more than just chimps; you can also enjoy birdwatching, walking around beautiful lakes, and learning about the local culture.

We make sure you’re safe and informed the whole time. The guides know all about the chimpanzees and will teach you all about it while keeping you safe. This chimpanzee safari is a great way to see Africa’s wild side and learn about our closest animal relatives.

Positive Impact Safaris

Our Community Get Involved Tours are a unique travel concept that goes beyond traditional community engagement. It encourages travelers to actively participate in various activities, such as scientific research, school construction, or accompanying rangers on poaching walks.

The focus is on meaningful contributions and immersive experiences rather than passive observation or financial donations. The goal is to promote a sense of purposeful travel, where individuals can make a positive impact by sharing knowledge, building schools, supporting women’s development programs, or learning from local communities during their journeys.

So while enjoying the incredible wildlife and natural beauty, you can also get down in the dirt, building a health clinic for villagers or installing solar equipment. At the end of the day, swapping stories over dinner makes a lasting impact on both travelers and locals. When visitors and communities work side-by-side on projects that improve daily life, they learn from each other in ways that benefit everyone.

Multi-Generational Safaris

Escape the ordinary and go on a journey that connects generations. This multigenerational safari experience invites families to relax together in luxury among Africa’s breathtaking landscapes.

It is more than a vacation; it is a celebration of life’s milestones, whether it is a birthday, an engagement, or the joy of welcoming a new family member. Everyone, from grandparents to great-grandparents can enjoy these best multigenerational safari tours, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With private guides and chefs, multigenerational safaris promise a shared experience that goes beyond renting a villa. Safari lodges become home, butlers become family, and game drives reveal nature’s wonders. Moments only Africa can deliver – now that’s something to celebrate!

Whale Watching in Hermanus

One of the best land-based whale watching spots in Africa, the quaint seaside town of Hermanus has locals flocking here for the annual Whale Watching Festival, held in September.

South Africa is a whale watching mecca. Seeing the gentle giants of the Atlantic frolicking close to the shore is a mesmerising experience.

Desert Safaris

Desert safaris offer a unique and exciting adventure. Deserts, often seen as empty and lifeless, are full of unique plants and animals adapted to survive in tough conditions. These places offer a rare kind of quiet and space that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Namibia is a great place to experience the desert. It’s home to the Namib Desert, one of the oldest deserts in the world. Here, you can go on 4×4 dune tours or try sandboarding, adding a bit of excitement to your desert trip. The Namib Desert stretches right up to the Atlantic Ocean at the Skeleton Coast, offering stunning views and a striking landscape.

A desert vacation in Africa, like a trip to Namibia, is perfect for special occasions. For couples, it’s especially romantic. The desert’s peace and the thrill of exploring it together make for a memorable journey, whether it’s for a honeymoon safari or just a unique escape.

Beach Holidays in Africa

If the idea of sinking your toes into soft, white sand while surrounded by swaying palms and pristine waters sounds like paradise, it’s time to consider an African beach getaway.

Africa offers a wide selection of coastlines, including picturesque islands full of culture and secluded retreats. Discover places such as Zanzibar, Mauritius, Mozambique and many more destinations that offer something for every taste.

However, if you’re looking for the ideal beach vacation, think about combining beach and bush stays for the best of both worlds. Soak up the peace and serenity of idyllic beaches and the unspoiled beauty of the bush with a diverse itinerary that provides both leisure and exploration.

Beach holiday tours in Africa promise a blend of comfort and luxury with exceptional accommodations, whether you choose a spacious villa or a fully inclusive resort, ensuring a relaxing retreat in the beautiful coastal destinations of your choice.

Horseback Safaris

Embarking on a horseback safari offers a unique experience in wildlife viewing. This approach allows for a quiet and engaging way to see animals, which tend to be less disturbed by the presence of horses compared to vehicles or people on foot. This advantage enables guests to have closer and more natural wildlife encounters.

Riding through Africa on horseback, guests will see a variety of landscapes, from open savannas to forests and hills, at a pace that allows for appreciation of the surroundings. The experience of riding a horse in these settings adds a unique dimension to the safari tour, as it enables a closer connection with the environment.

Safety and an enriching experience are enhanced by the presence of expert guides. These guides not only ensure the well-being of guests but also share their knowledge of the wildlife, local ecosystems, and conservation efforts. Their expertise adds a meaningful layer to the horse-riding safari experience.

A horseback safari offers the chance to develop a connection with your horse, enhancing the interaction with the environment. This type of safari stands out for those looking for an engaging and educational way to explore Africa, combining the thrill of wildlife observation with the tranquility of horseback riding.

Luxury Safaris

Going on safari needn’t be a matter of foregoing an ounce of comfort. It’s possible to stay in luxury safari camps and lodges whose facilities equal any world-class hotel, and whose wild locations are second to none.

Experience the Big Five in the epitome of African luxury.

Houseboat Safaris

An ideal getaway for young couples or honeymooners looking to get away, houseboat safaris are a great option for the whole family to spend some quality time together in a new surrounding. Sit back and watch as the wildlife come to you, while you float away underneath the glow of the African sun.

A houseboat safari is one of the most vivid and tranquil ways to experience Africa’s game-rich landscapes and waterways.

Big Five Safaris

For safari-goers, nothing beats seeing the Big Five: elephants, Cape buffalo, lions, leopards, and rhinoceros. A Big Five safari is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of Africa’s most famous animals and get close to some of the continent’s most vibrant ecosystems. Every safari option comes with an expert guide who knows the area and wildlife inside and out.

When you go on a safari tour, you’re also choosing to support the conservation of these magnificent creatures and their habitat. It’s a way to ensure that Africa’s wildlife continues to thrive, making your trip a part of something bigger.