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What vaccinations should I get?

This is all dependant on the countries that you will be visitng and due to the status of certain vaccinations changing at times, please consult our experts before getting vaccines.

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Panorama Route

Panorama Route

A popular add-on to a safari in the nearby Kruger National Park, the aptly named Panorama Route is a loose circuit of viewpoints and other attractions associated with the scenic escarpment region of Mpumalanga ("Place of the Rising Sun"). The centrepiece of the route, the magnificent…

Kenya Central Highlands

The Central Highlands

The central highlands, dominated by the Aberdare mountains and Mount Kenya, are often visited because it's so easy to get there from Nairobi. The highlands are drained by rivers towards the east into semi-arid areas. They were traditional ranch land and are mostly privately owned. Recently,…

Family & kid friendly safaris in Africa

Family & kid friendly safaris, holidays & tours

A family safari is a great way to expose your kids to nature and wildlife without having to worry about the boredom they may experience on a regular safari tour. Family safaris are tailored to keep the excitement of being on a wildlife and birdlife-spotting safari alive and interactive for everyone.

Rhino safaris in Africa

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The world's attention is on the African rhino as their numbers thin out fast due to poaching. All five of the world's rhino species are endangered and some are even on the brink of extinction. Seeing one of these majestic creatures in the wild is high up on the list of any wildlife…

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