Lango Camp

Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo

The beautiful Lango Camp is nestled in dense gallery forest overlooking the productive Lango Bai and strategically located to ensure access to a variety of habitats, activities and wildlife species. Each of the six creatively designed guest rooms takes inspiration from the designs of the regional B'Aka Pygmy groups and is raised three to four metres above ground to ensure views of part of the bai, as well as the surrounding gallery forest. Floating wooden decks link the rooms to the main area, which is also fashioned from natural, locally sourced materials: sustainably harvested timber, bamboo and community-woven raffia palm roofing. A star deck and fire pit are placed on a dropped deck overlooking the bai for after-dinner relaxation and star gazing. Most activities at Lango are a combination of walking and boating, while some driving is included, in search of species such as forest buffalo, forest elephant, sitatunga and harnessed bushbuck, as well as primates like guereza colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey and putty-nosed monkey.

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Activities: 2 safari activities per day

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