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What is on offer?

This role is an exciting opportunity for a mid-to-senior full stack developer with a few years of “team lead”
experience under the belt. The new position will head-up the in-house development team at our fast-growing safari
travel company.

Our ideal candidate has a balance of IQ and EQ, loves influencing digital product strategy and design and is
equally adept at stakeholder engagement, analysis and design, spec’ing tickets and crafting elegantly coded

While your primary responsibilities are the technical / dev aspects of digital team projects, you will work closely with
other senior members of our digital marketing team (UX, SEO, Content and MarTech) to achieve growth objectives.

Looking for the tech stack?

Just a moment. First more about our organisation…

Who are we?

Discover Africa Group is an innovative, experienced, and ambitious team passionate about sharing Africa’s best
with travellers from all around the world.

Our company, who’s been around since 2002, consists of Discover Africa, which specialises in bespoke
luxury safari travel in Southern and East Africa, and Drive South Africa – Africa’s leading online rental car
comparison and booking engine.

Whether it’s helping to plan an unforgettable tailor-made African safari or enabling an epic self-drive road trip, our
undying mission is to showcase Africa’s unique natural beauty and diverse cultures. We’ve been there and done
that so we know exactly what it takes to experience Africa at its finest!

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer satisfaction (we’re consistently rated 5 stars) and strive to deliver
exceptional experiences for every traveller that entrusts us with their African adventure.

Our digital marketing and development projects are run in-house with a close-knit team of permanent staff,
contractors and agencies. Together, we act as a dedicated “internal agency” producing quality work for our core

We take a Kaizen approach of constant improvement and collaborate closely with our travel team to make sure
we’re always user- and customer-centric.

We’re respectful, friendly, supportive, personal and professional. We understand that we’re not selling a product –
we’re in the business of making travellers’ dreams come true.

Who are we looking for?

We seek an individual that brings positive energy, best practice and stability to our development team, workflows
and end products.

You have a knack for nurturing dev talent and you enjoy mentoring and training juniors.

You’re a team player that is comfortable and confident working with marketers, UX/UI, content producers,
copywriters, and stakeholders beyond the digital team.

You keep a close eye on the AI hype, and have worked out its place in scaling outputs, without compromising

This role will suit someone that wants to take a step closer to team and product management, without completely
stepping away from coding time at the keyboard.

Also really important in the person we’re looking for…

–     You love Africa
–     And you love to travel

What perks can you look forward to?

  • A competitive salary
  • 20 days of paid annual leave
  • After 5 years, earn 1 extra annual paid leave day per year, up to a max of 25 days
  • Extra paid birthday leave – because no one should work on their birthday!
  • Paid sabbatical leave days without tapping into your annual leave
  • Unlimited, pre-approved leave for training
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Hybrid Working Opportunities with flexible working conditions
  • A team led by actively engaged owners who encourage a caring and positive culture
  • Working alongside a diverse and dedicated team of professionals
  • Africa travel opportunities at discounted rates
  • We`re based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, so you may be travelling against traffic on your daily

Sound like the right fit for you? Read on for the detailed job description below:


  • Lead the team of 4-5 developers
  • Make appropriate technology choices and decisions
  • Manage the code repo for all websites, back-office applications and 3rd-party integrations
  • Ensure that the development function helps achieve marketing and company growth objectives
  • Improve development cadence and output
  • Improve developer job satisfaction
  • Work closely with Head of Digital, UX, SEO, Content and other stakeholders
  • Manage incoming technical requests
  • Spec’ing of tickets (or delegating tickets to be spec’d by your team)
  • Assign tasks to team members (including yourself)
  • Work with the team to estimate accurately
  • Plan projects and sprints
  • Set clear project timelines, priorities, and deliverables
  • Communicate project status, risks, and dependencies to relevant stakeholders.
  • Code reviews
  • QA
  • Ensure all work is well documented
  • Foster a collaborative and inclusive team environment
  • Research and recommend new technologies that help achieve company objectives
  • Recruit / contract new developers when needed


  • Qualification & Job Requirements
    ○ Degree or diploma in Computer Science, Web Development, Information Systems or similar
    ○ Demonstrated history of developing and maintaining full stack websites and web applications
  • Experience
    ○ 10+ years full stack development experience
    ○ 5+ years B2C experience (e-commerce, travel, service, etc)
    ○ 3+ years as a team lead / project manager / product manager
  • Skills, Knowledge & Attributes
    ○ Ability to think strategically i.e. propose new ideas where development / technology can contribute
    to strategic organisation objectives
    ○ Ability to present ideas clearly
    ○ Ability to multitask and prioritise effectively
    ○ Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
    ○ Ability to provide guidance, support, and mentorship
    ○ Ability to work independently
    ○ Attention to detail and diligent
    ○ High degree of perseverance
    ○ Self-awareness and accurate self-assessment
    ○ Good communicator
    ○ A strong affinity to our mission of “Bettering Africa, by showcasing Africa’s best”

Current Tech Stack:

  • HTML
  • CSS / Sass / Less
  • Javascript (vanilla, jQuery)
  • PHP (7.4 to 8.3)
  • MySQL / MariaDB / MS SQL
  • WordPress (as CMS and publishing layer).
  • WordPress dev: making / maintaining plugins, theme development, WP CLI, etc.
  • 3rd-Party integrations (Peach Payments, Google Maps, ActiveCampaign, Tourplan, Travelyst, Flywire, Zapier, Webhooks, and more…)
  • Composer (PHP Package Management)
  • Redis / Memcached
  • Git / Gitlab
  • Copilot
  • Docker
  • Nginx / Caddy
  • Linux / Ubuntu
  • AWS (S3, Route 53), GCP, Hetzner, etc.

Front-end notes:

– We use Bootstrap or similar front-end toolkits
– We’ve embraced Material Design as an established design pattern
– We’re fanatical about improving site speed and core web vitals

Data formats:

  • JSON
  • XML
  • SOAP

SQL notes:

  • Advanced queries (not just select * from x)
  • Use the EXPLAIN optimizer
  • Keys and indexing (foreign, unique, concat primary)
  • How to query json data from a json column

Future Tech Stack

This role will shape the direction of our future tech stack by adapting our infrastructure to achieve:

  • A more asynchronous front-end user experience
  • Hyper-optimised front-end for speed / core web vitals
  • Shifting aspects of our applications away from WordPress (custom post-types, ACF fields, etc) to a proper
    relational data model and SOA application layer

Some frameworks we’re considering for future projects:

  • instead of (react/vue/svelte/angular)
  • WordPress MVC with separation of concerns (so we don't end up with mile
    long templates full of html, js and php)
  • – async php api micro framework
  • stack instead of nginx/caddy + fpm (faster than fpm)
  • (real time communications)
  • (Early Hints or HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST

Ready to apply?

Please send your CV to with subject line “Full Stack Web Developer”

Please take note:

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Applicants who have not been contacted within 30 of applying can
consider their application as unsuccessful and hereby being thanked for their interest in our company.

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