Short and Sweet Namibia Adventure (6 days)


Safari: Namibia

Short and Sweet Namibia Adventure (6 days)

Experience two destinations on a fly-in Namibian adventure rich in history

Namibia is a land that is steeped in geological and cultural history. With ancient sand dunes, stark and contrasting landscapes as well as uniquely adapted flora and fauna, a journey through Namibia is an educational and meaningful one. 

The capital city of Windhoek, with its German-influenced culture and architecture is part of the allure of this safari. Explore two game parks and discover the diversity and beauty of an Africa that has been releatively untouched by global influence. Your journey includes a forray into two incredible parks where you will get the opportunity to see black rhino, elephant, Africa's successful apex predators as well as birds and plains game. 

Your adventure also includes a visit to Twyfelfontein, the site of a natural spring that early hunter-gatherers called home. They left in their wake an abundance of rock art and Stone Age tools that hint at the advanced age of this magnificent area. 

Your fly-in adventure awaits in this safari into the untamed wilderness...

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What to Expect on This Safari

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Onguma Game Reserve

Start your journey from Windhoek with a charter flight to Onguma Game Reserve. On arrival at the airstrip you will be transferred to the Onguma Tented Camp. This intimate and comfortable camp offers guests a sense of tranquility found only in Namibia. You can expect luxury tented accommodation with modern decor that celebrates raw materials and a clean, minimal feel. 

The adventure doesn't stop there. You'll explore Onguma Game Reserve with its black rhino and cheetah, as well as the world-famous Etosha National Park, where elephants abound in great numbers. Enjoy both day and night game drives, walking safaris in the bush and even rhino research drives in Onguma. These are all conducted by professional guides who understand the delicate interplay between wildlife and the surrounding terrain.  

Aside from these thrilling activities, Onguma Tented Camp offers with ample shade from the intense African sun, a chance to cool down in a lap pool and wind down under the stars.  A water hole in the centre of the camp provides endless views of the local wildlife only 60 metres away. 

Your Onguma adventure ends with a brief flight to Twyfelfontein airstrip where the next leg of your amazing safari begins. 

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Welcome to Twyfelfontein! A member of the Discover Africa team will be there to meet you as you journey to the hidden gem of Mowani Mountain Camp. Nestled in the rocky crags of weather-worn boulders, this unassuming lodge has the most incredible panoramic views; what else could you expect from the dramatic beauty of Damaraland?

Your time will be spent uncovering the secrets of this historical location. Remnants of Stone Age peoples survive to educate us about ancient ways of life. The sheer resilience of surviving in this area of the world will be highlighted and explained by local safari experts on elephant and dune drives that show you rock art and engravings. Consider the complexities of adaption and survival as you float over the landscape in a hot air balloon and dine as the sun sets over the endless horizon. 

This experience is not only about history; expect wildlife even here, and the chance to spot the elusive desert cheetah. 

Meals: Included 

Drinks: Included 

Transport: Included 



Your magical time at Mowani Mountain Camp ends with a transfer back to the Twyfelfonteina airstrip after a memorable breakfast at Mowani Mountain Camp. 

Thereafter you will be flown back to the hub of Windhoek. 

In the local Herero language, Onguma means, "the place you don't want to leave," an apt translation to describe what has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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