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Walking safaris - short walks, 2 - 3 hours

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Walking safaris - short walks, 2 - 3 hours?

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Hone your senses to the African bush, see the small things that you miss from the vehicle and get the chance to see the Big Five on foot.

Walking Safaris bring the bush alive and the thought that a lion, elephant or buffalo may be just on the other side of a bush is absolutely thrilling. Seeing the African savanna on foot gives it an entirely different beauty, with sights and smells that are easy to miss from an elevated safari vehicle. 

There are many camps throughout Africa that offer short or half day walks beyond the camp or along a designated walking route. All the walks take place within a controlled environment and the routes are safe. Travellers are accompanied by trained guides, making it a secure and gentle way to walk in the wild.

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The Uganda Hills

The complete East Africa experience

Enjoy East Africa's most celebrated highlights, from a snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, to sailing above the Serengeti in a hot-air balloon and meeting mountain gorillas

Price on Request

per person

13 days

Discover Africa Safaris

South Africa and Zambia honeymoon

Explore the romantic Atlantic Ocean with multi-cultural mixture and Big Five - also encounter the Livington Victoria Falls

$ 5,508

£ 3,946

R 64,620


per person

10 days

Elephant Herd

Best of Africa safari

Experience the best of Africa, from the Okavango Delta – one of Africa's Seven Natural Wonders – to the endangered mountain gorillas and East Africa's Great Migration

$ 16,865

£ 12,085

R 197,877


per person

16 days

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Walking through the Masai Mara, Loita Hills, Tsavo, Amboseli, Lake Natron or Serengeti with a traditional Masai must be one of the best walks to do in Africa as he shows travellers his childhood village, the land beyond and shares local wisdom acquired by these tribes over centuries. Things like scorpion catching, bow hunting and herding cattle in these vast lands is just part of everyday life for the Masai and they invite safari goers to try their hand at these skills and have a peak into a life lived as nomads of the East Africa plains.

These walks should not be confused with multiday walking safaris where travellers walk for three or four full days, sleeping in bush camps. The day walks are ideal for bringing the kids along as it's easy, educational and loads of fun.

There are many accommodation options, and consequently many walking safaris, within and far beyond the Masai Mara. Many camps in Africa offer bush walks as an activity, so it's simply about booking the perfect accommodation that will take you on one of these memorable walks.

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