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Meet the most colourful nomads of Africa and walk alongside them, exploring the lands that they know by heart

The nomads of the Serengeti, or the traditional Masai warriors have a very strong walking tradition. for years and years this tribe has walked the plains of Africa, moving their cattle and livestock to where there is grass to sustain them. 

Masai people wear colourful robes and have surprisingly long legs. They can walk for weeks or even months, living only off the land. They use medicinal plants to remedy illnesses and drink a mixture of blood and milk as a source of protein. 

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The Masai people are completely in tune with their natural environment and they can exist without any western influence, grocery stores or modern technology. There is much that can be learnt from these people, and walking with them is an incredible and memorable experience.

Many camps and lodges in East Africa use the Masai guides, not only for their interesting stories, but also for security, as they know these lands and the animals' behaviour better than any westerner. A visit to Tanzania or Kenya will definitely include at least one encounter with a Masai. Travellers can join short, half-day walks with them through the reserves and Masailand conservancies. The best place in Africa to get to know Masai and to walk with these nomads are at Loita Hills just east of the Masai Mara.

At Loita, the walks range from half-day walks to 5-7 day walks. The Masai follow the traditional animal migration routes. They walk from the "forest of the lost child" down to the Masai Mara in the west or to Lake Natron across the border in the south.

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