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This is your chance to see Africa's wonderful nocturnal life 

Unlike the daytime activities, during night drives, the chances of spotting nightjars, porcupine, scorpions, chameleons and bush babies are high. Of course, it's also a great opportunity to see leopard, lion, civet and genet. Perhaps even a pangolin or aardvark. 

The trick is to search for their glinting eyes in the vehicle's headlights or the spotlights shone across the bush. 

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£ 3,949

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More on Night drives

For safety and practical reasons, many parks and reserves in Africa still don't allow visitors to drive around the park after the sun has set. A lot of the time, it's the main parks like the Kruger National Park, Serengeti and Masai Mara that are reluctant to conduct night drives. But the private concessions and conservancies surrounding these famous reserves do allow and support game drives at night. 

Night drives are incredibly rewarding, and although it's a bit more tricky to take good pictures, it's more about the unique animals that you'll get to see and the night time sounds that you hear. These aren't things you'll ever experience during a daytime game drive. It really completes an African safari.

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Free safari planning advice from destination experts