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The Hadzabe tribes live some of the most honest lives possible in Africa

It's impossible not to be inspired by the lives of Africa's traditional hunter-gatherer tribes. In Northern Tanzania, the Hadzabe, one of the last and most remote of the bushman or hunter-gatherers, still live in the dry woodlands of remote Lake Eyasi.

They still live today as they had for thousands of years. They hunt for game with bows and arrows made from giraffe tendons. They gather honey from baobab trees and they dig for roots and scorpions to supplement their simple diet with protein and a little more substance.

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But sadly, they are in the minority and they are literally running out of space to live. The Hadzabe are getting pushed deeper and deeper into the unoccupied parts of Tanzania. Their simple right of existence, and therefore their survival, is hanging in a very thin thread. It's shocking to think that this unique group of people, who aren't intruding in anyone's lives, are about to disappear into modern day Africa, just like the Batwa pygmies of Uganda did.

There is a constant struggle of power and control and the small tribes stand on the losing end, but the more people know about them, the better their chances of survival. A day spent exploring their communities and getting in touch with their traditional way of life will be a day you will remember forever. Getting the chance to meet one of the last remaining authentic cultural groups that rely entirely on nature for their survival is something magnificent.

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