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It's the place where much of the world's Java's come from, and you can be part of it

East Africa is renowned for its high altitude and therefore good coffee growing areas. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, specifically, have big coffee and tea plantations working to their full capacity. The growing of coffee is both intricate and interesting and it is the perfect activity to do on arrival and or departure. 

Since many of the working coffee farms have lodges and other accommodation, it's easy to include such a visit into a journey through Africa.

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A night on a coffee farm is ideal for the beginning of an African journey, because the farms are incredibly calm and peaceful. There's lots of space to breath and acclimatise before continuing on the rest of your adventure.

Arusha Coffee Lodge, Moivaro Lodge, Legendary Coffee Lodge, Ngorongoro Farmhouse and Gibbs Farm are only a few working coffee farm accommodation options. Our favourite coffee farm must be Gibbs’s farm on the Ngorongoro highlands. This full working farm is located at a breathtaking setting right next to the Ngorongoro Crater. The atmosphere on the farm is one of relaxed participation. Travellers can do as much or as little as they want, perhaps even get up at 5am to help bake the morning bread.

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