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Reliant on the rains across what is an absolutely vast area, their exact location can fool even the best guides!

Their movements at the beginning of the month can be notoriously difficult to predict, as they often spread out across the entire southern Serengeti from Kusini to Namiri! In our opinion, you cannot go wrong with focusing around Moru and Kusini at the beginning of the month, while towards the end of December the best game viewing is around Kusini and Ndutu as the Ndutu Plains literally come to life.

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04 Dec 2019 from Sasha

And it’s back home! The majority of the herds have reached the southern Serengeti plains by December and are rewarded with those all-important new shoots.

Feasting begins, the predators come out to play and the cycle of life begins again…

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03 Dec 2019 from Gabriel

December is a busy and wet month, but you can still track the herds in the Serengeti.

The November short rains disperse the wildebeest herds across the Serengeti as they head south in preparation for calving season, which kicks off towards the end of the month and lasts through until March. Generally, the main herds may linger in Namiri Plains (just southeast of the central Serengeti region, Seronera) or in Kusini which is towards the southwest of the central area. Some as early as December may have already made it to the fertile Ndutu Plains in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in preparation for the calving season.

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The rains in the Serengeti are calling the great herds to return to the south and east of the Serengeti.

Central and southern Serengeti where the new grass is waiting for the wildebeest and zebra to return is the best place to be for the migration at this time of year. 

Mobile camps are set up around the central and southern part of the park in anticipation of the return of the great migration.

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Safari guide Cr Ian captured the great wildebeest migration on the move following the heavy rains in the southern and eastern Serengeti.

However, a large herd of the great migration had been seen moving from Naabi Hill heading towards the Gol mountains. It is predicted that the great migration might arrive early than expected in the Ndutu area due to the heavy rainfalls. 

Travelling to Tanzania during the calving season is a sight to behold and something unique to the region

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Zahirah Marty seeing hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest move across the Serengeti was one of the most incredible experiences of her life. 

They were grazing in the grassland and mobilize into a single file to crossroads as a form of protection. 

You can't but marvel at the beauty of nature and creation - whether from the ground or in the air. 

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26 Nov 2019 from Willy

Willy witnessed a group of wildebeest and zebra from the Masai Mara ecosystem to Serengeti in search of green pastures. 

River crossings in the Northern Serengeti are now rare, so we often suggest that clients focus on areas around the central Seronera river valley and Moru (south of central). 

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Yesterday, a huge number of wildebeest was spotted migration towards the Naabi Hill from Masai Kopjes on the eastern side of the Serengeti and Makoma Hill plains. 

If you’ve ever wondered why nearly two million wildebeest put themselves through the ordeal of the migration every year, then the Serengeti calving season will show you why.

The southern plains of the Serengeti turn green after the November rains and fresh grazing is just what the wildebeest need for their energy-demanding calving season: several hundred thousand wildebeest are about to be born and it’s going to get busy.

The season is short-lived but epic in scale. In December, great waves of wildebeest come spilling out of the Masai Mara and into the southern Serengeti. The animals then fan out into adjoining areas such as the Ndutu region, Lake Masek and even the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

It’s an amazing scene, the last great concentration of large, wildland animals in the world, and the surrounding landscape is a beautiful one: short-grassy savannah studded with rocky outcrops – koppies, the favourite haunt of the Serengeti’s leopards.

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From the bird's eyes, Capt Abeid saw the migration in the southern Serengeti stretching towards the main road all the way to the Simba Kopjes. 

He also flew over a big parade of elephants, wildebeest, lions, gazelles, ostrich, jackals, warthogs, hartebeests, African hare and hyenas. 

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The dash of survival at the Makutano crossing from northern Serengeti to southern Serengeti continues!

'Makutano' wildebeest crossing point means 'crossing' in Swahili. This is a great base to witness the migration roughly from August to the end of November

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Million of wildebeest outside Lemala Nanyukie Lodge

Set in the picturesque Eastern section of the Serengeti National Park, the Lemala Nanyukie Lodge is a mix of affordability and exclusivity.  The main camp itself sits on a grassy savannah that is strewn with rocky kopjes and shaded by the giant acacia trees.  

Lemala Nanyukie promises well for travellers seeking deluxe accommodation in the fabulous Serengeti National Park. All safari activities from Nanyukie will be enjoyed in the presence of highly knowledgeable and experienced guides. This guarantees exciting sightings of the game!

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Makutano crossing! One of the last crossings of the season.

Tucked into the iconic Kogakuria Kopje in the northern Serengeti, Lamai Serengeti commands never-ending views over the magnificent Mara River valley. Twelve carefully designed tents are split between two separate camps, the Main Camp and the smaller Private Camp. Constructed from a clever blend of canvas, ferro and natural poles, the tents boast spacious verandas spread amongst the rocks, each with exceptional views.

Cool off from the heat of the day in one of two natural rock swimming pools or lose track of time browsing through the fascinating contents of the library and map room. Cocktails are served in the convivial bar area, with cosy nooks hidden amongst the massive boulders. Game drives explore the magnificent wildlife

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Safari guide Frank Gabriel captured the great migration crossing no7 from the northern Serengeti to southern Serengeti! Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge is the closest accommodation to crossing point no7. 

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge is beautifully situated, with the majority of rooms having a rare and remarkable view over the Serengeti sunset. With the Mara River only a half an hour game drive away, river crossings can be expected from mid-July to mid-November. During this season, drives are taken in modern Land Cruisers that have the security of the roof but are not closed-sided.
The Lodge does not have the understated style of more traditional camps but provides a comfortable experience for honeymooners for example - the size of rooms, bathrooms, infinity pools and G&T's admiring the sunset is the quintessence of luxury at an affordable price. 


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