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A spectacular in the Mara Triangle!

If you’re looking to escape the crowds of the reserve, the Mara Triangle – which makes up one third of the entire national reserve – should be your Masai Mara destination of choice. The concentration of game in the Mara Triangle is excellent – with all the exciting species that you find in the rest of the national reserve – and yet it sees fewer visitors than the rest of the reserve, due to its remoteness, the fact that there are only two access gates and because there is only one lodge, one camp and some campsites located within the sector.

It’s an excellent area to watch the drama of the Great Migration unfold without the masses of other vehicles elsewhere in the park, as the herds of animals move through the sector on their way into and out of the Masai Mara from the Serengeti.

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Clear skies and beautiful days. Amazing river crossings and excellent resident game. One of the very best times to be in the Serengeti – better than August, in my opinion, due to a quieter park.

In September, the herds are pretty much in an identical position to where they are in August, in the Lamai wedge and Kogatende areas of the northern Serengeti, as well as sometimes up in the Masai Mara too. Many people think that the Masai Mara is the place to be at this time, but that is simply not true, as the wildebeest tend to pour out into Kenya as an extension of their route, and as such, entering the Mara is not an integral part of their journey.

So all in all, you should be looking at the Serengeti over the Mara for the river crossings.

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A mega crossing in the Mara heading towards the west into the Mara Triangle!

Following August’s activity, September is a quieter month in terms of travellers and a period that still sees the mega-herd spreading out across the entire northern Serengeti and the Maasai Mara. Herds can be found from central Lobo (the central strip of the northern Serengeti) to the western area of the northern Serengeti (Kogatende and Lamai) right through to the heart of the Maasai Mara.

This is another prime river-crossing month, with Kogatende the place to be if this is your focus. A truly wonderful area, due to the energy and beauty of the Mara river system. September is always slightly quieter than August… never a bad thing!

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Action in the Mara River at crossing point no4!

Safari guide Michael Thomas captured the herds on the northern side of the Mara River. A huge number of herds are heading towards the Masai Mara again.

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Another spectacular crossing in the Mara River on the Northern Serengeti side!

Safari guide Michael Thomas captured the great migration crossing from Kogatende to Lamai area! Most of the herds are on the Lamai Wedge plains.

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Another spectacular crossing in the Mara River!

Safari guide Michael Thomas captured the spectacular crossing from the South to North at crossing point No 1 on the Western corner of the Serengeti! The great herds are heading towards the Miles Turner Hill. 

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08 Sep 2020 from Paul Kirui

The great migration was captured heading towards the Mara River on the Masai Mara side.

Daily crossings are to be expected!

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This is the best time to be in the Northern Serengeti!

Thousands of wildebeest were captured crossing at point number four. The herds were heading back north to the Mara. 

Zebra included themselves in the crossing towards the end, along with a few crocs for some action.

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Another spectacular crossing in the Mara River on the Northern Serengeti side!

August is one of the very best times to be in the Serengeti because this is the peak season for the mighty Mara River crossings in the north. At the beginning of August, as the main herds approach, you can be in for some huge crossings. Like with July, the first crossings of the season can be explosive, with wildebeest falling left right and centre, trampling each other or being taken down by the hungry waiting Mara River crocs.

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A massive and huge crossing on the Masai Mara side. 

August sees the mega-herd spreading out across the entire northern Serengeti and the Masai Mara. 

Win, win. All the way through the month, river crossings should happen almost daily - it is all a case of waiting patiently for the wildebeest to decide to cross. You would be very unlucky for the wildebeest not to be surrounding the Mara River if you decide to go in August. On the flip side though, you would also be lucky to see a crossing, as not everyone does, as no matter how many hours are spent waiting with a herd by the river banks, they may simply not decide to cross over for hours!

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August is your best month to see the dramatic Mara River crossings in the Serengeti or Masai Mara!

The wildebeest herds will continue their search for lush, greener grass and by doing so, attempt to cross the dangerous, crocodile-infested water of the Mara River.

Sammy Kaleku captured the herds crossing the Mara River heading towards the Mara Triangle.

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Epic Crossing on the Mara River below the Lookout Hill moving into the Mara Triangle. 

The great herds were captured crossing for over two hours and more were still coming by the time the guests and safari guides left. 

Experience one of Africa's greatest spectacles – smell the dust and hear the noise of thousands of animals crossing the Mara River

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The Great Migration continues to cross the Sand River on the Masai Mara side. 

The Sand River Masai Mara offers guests a secluded position from which to observe the splendours of Kenya. Game drives and hot-air balloon safaris provide spectacular and year-round Big 5 game viewing. Those who visit between July and November will witness one of the greatest spectacles in Africa: the Great Migration.


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