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Managing director and lead driver, Simon Zacharia spent three days in the Serengeti following the wildebeest migration, during his safari he spotted a small group of wildebeest in the East Namiri Plains and the Barafu Kopjes. 

On the last day of his safari, he drove to the Ndutu area and captured a very large group enjoying the lush green grass. The Ndutu area is the best place to spot the herds, he says.  

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The herds are in no hurry to leave the Ndutu area!

Lodge Manager, Ainslie Wilson captured the wildebeest and zebra enjoying the lush green grass in the Ndutu. 

- Image by Ainslie Wilson
- Image by Ainslie Wilson
- Image by Ainslie Wilson
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It's still raining heavily throughout the Serengeti!

The big herd is migrating along the Naabi Hills, heading towards the mawe ya Simba.

Credit: Ranger, Ian Kiwelu

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A small group of herds has been seen heading back into the Ndutu. 

Meanwhile, a large herd is moving slowly into the Central Serengeti through the Simba Kopjes and Gol Kopjes on their way to the Northern Serengeti. 

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It's raining heavily in the Serengeti, mainly in the western area.

Safari guide, Leverd Enock spotted the herds migrating in the south of Ndutu and some in the Maswa area. 

- Image by Joy Safari Bay
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A large number of herds were seen between the Naabi Hill and Simba Kopjes area, moving towards the Central Serengeti.

However, a small group of herds is moving slowly in the triangle of the Ndutu and Goloni area.  

- Image by Serengeti Nomad
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Ndutu still has a few stragglers in the area. 

Credit: Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp safari guide, Mohamed Hassan 

- Image by Mohamed Hassan
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12 May 2018 from Auric Air

The herds were migrating about 4-10 miles in the western area of the Naabi Hills and 9-15 miles in the Northern side of the Ndutu area. 

Credit: Pilot, Steve Cunningham

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Safari guide Baraka Ng’wavi captured a large herd of wildebeest in the eastern Serengeti, near the Research Kopjes. 

- Image by Baraka Ng’wavi
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Photographer Roshni Lodhia's Serengeti experience: 

Roshni Lodhia was in the Mara region of the Serengeti National Park. It was around 5:30pm and she was hoping to catch the sunset over the beautifully built Mara River Post Lodge perched on a hilltop.

So, she hopped into the 4-wheel-drive to the bottom of the hill, only to see this looming cloud cover approaching their way. The safari driver stopped the vehicle and she scrambled to the roof to get this image.

Within a 10-minute time frame, she watched the storm sweep over them as if in a movie scene. When it reached them, there was no drizzle or hint of rain as a warning - it down-right poured with lollipop-sized hailstones hitting the windows.

Their vehicle was shaking from side to side and there was absolutely no visibility beyond the walls of the car. It was a crazy and once-in-a-lifetime experience, she says.

- Image by Roshni Lodhia

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