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Watch: The latest Great Migration updates

discoverafrica 11 July 2018
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June and July are very important months in the Great Migration. As the long rains come to an end, the wildebeest begin moving more urgently towards the Masai Mara in Kenya. In their path is the Grumeti river; located in the Western Corridor in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

Teeming with hungry crocodiles, territorial hippos and shrewd predators, the Grumeti River becomes a major obstacle in the wildebeests’ path. Life is not easy. Mating has begun and the calves born in February and March are an easy target.

The Grumeti River crossing is by no means the end of the journey; the infamous Mara River still lies in their path, often considered the pinnacle of the migration.

Using our HerdTracker app and with the help of our trusted contributors, we’re able to track where the wildebeest and zebra herds are, so that you can plan ahead for your Great Migration safari.

Take a look at the action in July so far:



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Thank you to the following contributors:


Michelle L.

Serengeti Nomad (Nathan Losaru)

Mohammed Billow

Nasikia Camps  (Karim Saadum)

Elewana Collection

Pieter Roodt

George Tolchard

Feature image: André Velders, lodge Manager at Mbalageti Serengeti

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