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The best places to see the Big Five in Botswana

03 February 2017
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Spotting the Big Five on an African safari is a quintessential travel experience when visiting this dynamic continent. Botswana is one of the most fertile and abundant destinations in Africa - making in an ideal location to witness incredible animals in their natural habitat.

To find the Big Five in Botswana, all you have to do is to visit the world-class national parks. We’ve highlighted two of the best to give you an idea what’s on offer. A Botswana safari is definitely what you need to explore the Big Five safari in Botswana.  

Moremi Game Reserve / Okavango Delta

Moremi Game Reserve lies on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta in the north of Botswana. It is celebrated both for its abundant wildlife and stunning landscape as well as counts amongst the world’s best wildlife reserve. It covers an area of 39,00 kilometres square, of which only 30% is mainland and the rest belongs to the Okavango Delta itself.

Moremi is home to all the Big Five. Elephant herds can be seen in their thousands, especially near the Mopane forests in the dry winter months. Due to high numbers of prey - predators can often be seen in close proximity and fights for dominance take place, especially between the lions and hyenas. Rhinos have been reintroduced and the reserve is now one of the last sanctuaries for the vulnerable white and black rhinos.

Other animals you can expect to see here are giraffe, cheetah, impalas, jackal, Red lechwe, hippos as well as over 400 species of birds - some of them endangered. However, the most proliferate parts of the reserve are the Mopane Tongue and Chief’s Island. Many animals retreat to these dry areas when the floods arrive in May - and it can be seen in fascinating numbers.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is known for its high concentration of elephant and buffalo. However, the Chobe National Park is one of the world’s finest safari destinations. With awe-inspiring scenery and the largest continuous elephant population in Africa, Chobe is ideal for getting a glimpse of the illustration Big Five. The 12,000 square kilometers of the National Park is home to a number of wildlife species and the diverse ecosystem that they call home. From dry plains and luscious grasslands to swamps and even densely wooded areas, Chobe has it all.

A trip to Chobe is never in vain, since the Savuti marsh is home to an array of wildlife that can be seen all year round. However, while sightings of rhino are rare, they are present and there’s a good chance you’ll get to spot them amid the exceptional scenery. Whether it’s a boat cruise along the Chobe River, or a guided safari through the diverse shrubbery - a safari trip to Chobe National Park will not disappoint.

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