Article by Andre Van Kets 21 December 2013

Our first broadcast of the #KenyaLive campaign is underway with Carel Verhoef introducing some of the team and giving a brief overview of the trip ahead. The #KenyaLive campaign in association with Make it Kenya, will run over a two week period in the Mara conservancies looking at lion activity at night as well, as a turtle rescue and release into the Indian ocean on the coast. The combination of the two brings together the awe inspiring beauty of Kenya, and attempts to illustrate a true Kenyan safari experience to the digital tourist abroad.

Carel (HerdTracker) introduces the team which consists of Jacques van Tonder who will be taking on the role of cameraman filming most of the activites during the trip. Stuart Price will be the resident still photgrapher and Andre van Kets (HerdTracker) focusing on the Persicope broadcasts and technical aspects of the campaign.