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Calving season in the Serengeti

05 December 2016
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Tanzania safari will give you a rare opportunity to witness calving season, where thousands of wildebeest are born each day.

Each year the Serengeti host hundreds of thousands of animals during the migration. By late January and early February, perhaps the greatest spectacle of the Serengeti takes place with the wildebeest calving season. Approximately 8,000 young wildebeest are born every single day during the peak of the season. There truly is nothing that compares to seeing a baby wildebeest take off running just minutes after being born.




"Welcome to the world baby Elly, he was born earlier today in Serengeti national park" Photography by @chrisbrohope_kim

A photo posted by serengeti national park (@serengeti_national_park) on




Photography by @bearfoottheory "Because who doesn't want to wake up to baby elephants" #serengeti #Tanzania

A photo posted by serengeti national park (@serengeti_national_park) on




Nyumbu wa Serengeti. Photography by @michael_l_thomas

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"Game of Tender Glances and Silences", Tanzania 2015. This photo was taken in the Southern area of the Serengeti National Park (Tanzania). That morning I went out very early for a game drive to seek a lions pride consisting in a large number of lionesses, a big beautiful male and 4 little cubs. I was so lucky to capture such a game of tender glances and silences between a lioness (Panthera Leo) and her two cubs.The reflection of the scene on the water also added something unique to this shot. Photo by @gianluigi.fornarilanzetti - #africa #tanzania #serengeti #miriamodemba�� #serengeti_national_park #tanzaniaparks #safari @parismatch_magazine @savingbigcats @savingthelion @save.big.cats @mkubwafella

A photo posted by serengeti national park (@serengeti_national_park) on




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