15 November 2016

The Okavango Delta is the jewel in Botswana’s safari crown. Established as the world’s 1000th UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s one of the most visited destinations in Southern Africa, with hordes of safari enthusiasts flocking to its waterways to experience an authentic African safari.

If you’re planning a Botswana safari, here’s some useful travel information about the Okavango Delta to get you excited about your holiday.

About the Okavango Delta

Created by the seasonal spilling of the Okavango River into the landscape of the Kalahari between March and August, it creates a massive inland sea which is dotted with islands brimming with wildlife.

The Okavango Delta is a haven for wildlife. It’s home to all the species of the Big Five and over 450 species of birds.

Best time to visit the Okavango Delta

The months of May to September are the best times to visit the Okavango Delta. This is the dry season, which means there is little vegetation to obscure game viewing opportunities, as the wildlife will gather around water resources to refresh themselves.

Where to stay in the Okavango Delta

Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp


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Situated on it’s own island within the Okavango Delta, Xaranna boasts nine en-suite safari camps made of canvas and bleached timber. 

The safari tents are organic in design and are delicately decorated in shade of khaki and soft lily pink. Each tent boasts a romantic outdoor sala, private plunge pool, indoor bathtub and al fresco shower. The guest areas are all carefully positioned to maximise the sweeping views out across the channels, with classic Delta tree-line silhouettes.

Must-do activities in the Okavango Delta

Mokoro rides


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Riding a mokoro (a dugout canoe) through the many waterways of the Okavango Delta is one of the best ways to explore Botswana, if you’re looking for that authentic African safari experience.

Bird watching

Home to over 450 different species of birds, the Okavango Delta is a passionate twitcher’s dream.

Game drives

Get close to the countless variety of wildlife in the Okavango Delta by experiencing a game drive led by an experienced Botswana safari guide, who will provide you with information you just cannot find anywhere else.

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